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Snelle levering aan huis, maar ook af te halen in de winkel.
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Easy to Make Easy to Serve. Long before the current renaissance, these sturdy desserts were a staple at Midwestern holidays, southern family reunions, and potlucks everywhere slab pies, generous fruit concoctions made in a baking sheet, topped with a traditional pie crust or a crunchy crumble or delicious shareable sheet cakes loaded up with frosting. Now, these American originals are flourishing everywhere from hip locales like Brooklyn neighbourhood potlucks to church suppers, and why not? A sheet cake has way more icing per bite than a layer cake a slab pie, way more crust and fruit filling, giving more deliciousness in each bite. Inside

  • Bindwijze: Paperback / Ingenaaid
  • Uitgever: St Martin's Press
  • Verschenen: okt. 2017
  • Taal: Engels
  • Genre: Koken: desserts
  • Dimensies: 195 x 232 x 17 Millimeters
  • Gewicht: 670 gram
  • EAN: 9781250117588

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