Distressed Debt Trading
Distressed Debt Trading

Distressed Debt Trading

Brave New EU Legal Rules in Relation to Bold New Strategies

Tim Florstedt, Jared Ellias, Lilian Welling-Steffens & Sebastiaan van den Berg

Paperback / Ingenaaid | Engels
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This book contains the four reports (preadviezen) presented at the 2019 NACIIL annual meeting on ‘Distressed debt trading: brave new EU legal rules in relation to bold new strategies’. It is easy to be critical of distressed debt investors and the practice of acquiring debt at a discount and subsequently making a profit. On the other hand, distressed debt investors provide a relatively easy and quick way out for non-professional and professional creditors alike. Curbing the rights of distressed traders would therefor also indirectly curb the rights of original creditors. Furthermore, the European Union views distressed debt trading as a way of dealing with excessive Non-Performing Loans(NPL). Whatever your take is on the practice of distressed debt trading,it is here to stay and is likely to influence European insolvency practice in ways similar to US and even more so as a result of COVID-19. The Private International Law developments in this field are set out and reflected upon by dr. Lilian Welling-Steffens. She makes a strong case for easier, more predictable International Private Law rules as to the transfer of claims.

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    Eleven international publishing
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    aug. 2020
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