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Louafi's Hannoversche Landschaften

Louafi, Kamel
9783945497074 | Abkhaz | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2018
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Landschaft ist das Erscheinungsbild einer Gegend und deren Rezeption durch den Betrachter. Kamel Louafi beschreibt seine "Hannoverschen Landschaften", begleitet von Beiträgen von Stefan Schostok - Obe... Meer

€ 23,95

Manual for Innovative SMEs by Gender and Age in the Baltic Sea Region

Alexander Frevel, Kathrin Fugel & Max Hogeforster
9783735791405 | Abkhaz | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2014
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Lack of qualified staff is one of the main reasons for SMEs to not being as innovative as possible. At the same time the available human resources (HR) are not fully employed. In the Baltic Sea Region... Meer

€ 22,95

How to Talk to Tigers

Jacob Tilley
9781909593077 | Abkhaz | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2013
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Jacob Tilley is the world's foremost expert on how to talk to tigers. He has spent the last seven years living in the forests of India learning how to roar and growl. His best friend Hobbs is a tiger... Meer

€ 11,95