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A Pipeman's Handbook of Really Useful Information

Chas. Mundungus

Hardback / bound | English
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A Pipeman's Handbook of Really Useful Information is the result of pipemen just like you, folk who have been smoking for six months or sixty years, and done us all the service of sharing their wisdom. I have cited the authors and URLs where and when I found them. Most of the pipemen I have dealt with on the internet were thoughtful, considerate, and free with their advice. A few, of course, weren't. I have consulted an internet librarian at the local university, who assures me that no copyright infringement has been incurred—everything you find in these pages is offered free of charge, with directions to the web site where I found the original document. The "value-added" is simply to have them all in one place. -- Chas. Mundungus Note: the left pages are blank, like a textbook, so you can make your own notes.

  • Publisher
    Brave New Books
  • Edition
  • Pub date
    Jun 2022
  • Pages
  • Theme
    Antiques, vintage and collectables
  • Dimensions
    241 x 161 x 26 mm
  • Weight
    809 gram
  • EAN
  • Hardback / bound
    Hardback / bound
  • Language

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