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Celtic Mythology
Celtic Mythology

Celtic Mythology

Davion , Rowe

Paperback / Sewn | English
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This dramatic history traces the mysterious celts from their dark origins, including druids and king arthur, right across britain and europe and looking at their beliefs, cultures, and arts as well as their warring and expansion.Galatia had been home for some celtic tribes for around two hundred years. Before that, these barbarian tribes had wandered europe raiding towns and aggravating both greeks and romans. To deal with the problem, the romans assigned them an area to settle and named it galatia. Topics covered in this book includeCeltic animismUniversal celtic godsLocal irish celt godsLocal gallic celt godsCeltic sagas: the cyclesCeltic beliefs: animal and human sacrificeCeltic beliefs: reincarnationIf you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you. This book serves as the ultimate comprehensive guide for kids who wish to learn everything about the realms of celtic mythology. The book essentially aims to teach children about the topic in a fun, interesting, and unforgettable manner. It is easy to read and provides invaluable information about celtic mythology. Even though it's written with kids in mind, it is also perfect for adults who wish to replenish their knowledge about the subject.

  • Publisher
    Jessy Lindsay
  • Pub date
    Oct 2022
  • Pages
  • Theme
    Ancient religions and Mythologies
  • Dimensions
    203 x 127 x 11 mm
  • Weight
    213 gram
  • EAN
  • Paperback / Sewn
    Paperback / Sewn
  • Language

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