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Chironomidae Larvae Volume 2
Chironomidae Larvae Volume 2

Chironomidae Larvae Volume 2

H.K.M. Moller Pillot

Hardback / bound | Engels
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An invaluable tool for aquatic ecologists and water quality management. Covers the most important tribes Chironomini and Pseudochironomini and presents a wealth of information for professionals for scientific and practical purpose. The Chironomini larvae are the well-known red bloodworms. They are the most important group of the Chironomidae family in stagnant water and can be very numerous, especially in polluted water. Many species are detritus feeders and play a part in the decomposition of organic material. Most species live in a tube of small particles, attached to the substrate. The author has brought together a wealth of information on the biology and ecology of this group geared especially to water quality assessment. This collected knowledge is required in the interpretation of macro-invertebrate samples. An introduction gives background information on the influence of environmental factors on chironomid larvae. A unique focus on this ecologically important group, useful for professionals and especially important for its potential use in water quality management. Volume 1: Chironomidae Larvae - General ecology and Tanypodinae Volume 2: Chironomidae Larvae - Biology and ecology of the Chironomini Volume 3: Chironomidae Larvae - Biology and Ecology of the Aquatic Orthocladiinae Summary in Dutch: Engelstalig standaardwerk over dansmuggenlarven, hun biologie en ecologie. Behandelt de meest belangrijke geslachten Chironomini and Pseudochironomini. Een compleet overzicht voor wetenschappelijke en praktische doeleinden. Onmisbaar voor aquatisch ecologen en waterkwaliteitsbeheerders.

  • Publisher
    KNNV Uitgeverij
  • Edition
  • Pub date
    Feb 2009
  • Pages
  • Theme
    Wildlife: butterflies, other insects and spiders: general interest
  • Dimensions
    241 x 161 x 23 mm
  • Weight
    531 gram
  • EAN
  • Product form
    Hardback / bound
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