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Codevelopment Action Learning for Business

Co-create. Accelerate. Grow

Maxime Paquet, Nathalie Sabourin, Nathalie Lafranchise & Ron Cheshire

Codevelopment Action Learning for Business
Codevelopment Action Learning for Business

Codevelopment Action Learning for Business

Co-create. Accelerate. Grow

Maxime Paquet, Nathalie Sabourin, Nathalie Lafranchise & Ron Cheshire

Paperback | English
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Workplaces where the focus is on innovation, teamwork and learning have become a reality, thanks to a simple, practical, and effective approach. This book will help you to create a collaborative and empowering culture in your organization.

“This guide provides CEOs, future CEOs, managers, and aspiring team leaders with a practical tool to accelerate performance, drive talent engagement and generate greater results.”
Chantal Riopel, General Manager, Delta Hotel Montreal

“The authors wrote a - must have - book to help leaders become better leaders. It's the kind of guide that you want to have and refer to when you are looking for solutions to build strong leadership as well as collaborative and learning cultures.”
Xavier Tedeschi, Director of Human Relations, Innothera

“This book is exceptional. It is the most comprehensive explanation of the principles, methods, and tools of a new approach to the development of individual and team leadership that involves organizational co-creation, collaboration and learning from and with others.”
Yury Boshyk. Author; CEO, Founder of Global Executive Learning, and Business Driven Action Learning

“This comprehensive guide presents much needed scientific research findings on the impact of Codevelopment Action Learning for organizations across all sectors. It is a significant contribution to our field and will help practitioners to better implement Action Learning and obtain more sustainable results.”
Heidi Schaefer, International Foundation for Action Learning Co-Director (2016 to 2022) and Action-Learning Practitioner at Action Learning Centre (ALC) Limited

“This inspiring book outlines the pathway to build more co-leadership and creativity in today's environment. A must-read to build a collaborative culture and the leadership capabilities of tomorrow.”
Annie Desautels, Vice-President, Accès Desjardins

"This is an important and uplifting book offering a whole new way to rethink ways of working together. As a strong promoter of cross-functional collaboration, I found in this book an innovative solution to talent mobilization, employee retention and innovation development. "
Benoit Desgroseillers, Talent Director, Finance Montreal

“This book is a fantastic resource about the - how-to’s- of building and growing cohesive teams. Having been myself a leader in large corporations for many years, I understand how this book is a critical read for all leaders aiming to increase collaboration with their teams, and help break down the silos of their organization.”
Hélène Blanchette, Founder & CEO, BizAndGive LLC

“I highly recommend this book to all heads of NGO and non-for-profit organizations that are looking for ways to stimulate collaboration and co-learning. We have used Codevelopment Action-Learning to accelerate the integration of immigrant women. Since then, internally, we regularly use this approach to accelerate our projects and it has significantly improved our team cohesion and effectiveness.”
Régine Alende Tshombokongo, General Director of Centre d’encadrement pour jeunes femmes immigrantes/CEJFI (Center for Young immigrants Women).

“This is a much-needed book that inspires you to build a better future. You will find an effective approach to bring leaders together to grow and learn from each other for better results. Try it and you will be amazed by the power of Codevelopment Action Learning described in this guide.”
Phil Lenir, CoachingOurselves International Inc.

“We are proud to be part of the success stories related in this book. Codevelopment Action Learning groups are an integral component of our Learning & Development strategy for Leaders at all levels. Our goal is to promote cross-collaboration and sharing of practices between managers of different areas with these effective and inspiring learning spaces. This approach has helped us build our leadership community by enabling leaders to grow and learn from each other.”
Sylvain Proulx, Learning and Development Leader, UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal)

“Codevelopment Action Learning groups enabled us to accelerate leadership development and develop a shared management culture. Over the years, these groups have become more than just a cornerstone of our learning activities; they have become a key motivational tool and a benchmark for interdepartmental collaboration for both managers and employees.”
Marc-André Vigeant, Human Resources Senior Director, City of Laval

“Co-create, Accelerate and Grow is a must-have book to implement Codevelopment Action-Learning to support entrepreneurs build stronger businesses and partnerships. We finally found a way to accelerate entrepreneurship!”
David Chapman, President, GROW-studio

“The work environment is undergoing major changes. We have here a wonderful book to guide any leader with an innovative approach to co-create solutions and stimulate cross-collaboration for new possibilities.”
Chantal Lamoureux, President, IQPF (Institut québécois de planification financière)

This book is the perfect demonstration of how business and academia can come together to innovate. The authors teach you the Codevelopment Action-Learning with concrete practical cases combined with scientific data that confirms how this approach can stimulate cross-collaboration among leaders and enable them to become more effective by learning from each other
Dr. Danielle Laberge, Interim President of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Also served as Provost (Academic), Executive Provost and is Professor of Sociology at UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal).

“I recommend this inspiring book to all leaders of organizations that work in the field of entrepreneurship and economic development. The Codevelopment Action-Learning Approach is a creative way to learn from each other and quickly gain new insights to improve business practices as a start-up or as a new entrepreneur!”
Véronique Perreault, Innovation Advisor, DEL (Développement économique de l'agglomération de Longueuil)

“This book will get you to think and inspire you to act. After testing Codevelopment Action-Learning, I was fascinated by this strong human approach that brings people together through diversity of thought. It stimulates interdisciplinarity perspectives that promotes creativity and innovation so that people and organizations can achieve their goals.”
Pierre Lainey, Full-time Lecturer-HEC-Montréal, Fellow C.M.C, Author in the fields of Leadership and Management.

Maxime Paquet, Ph.D. is an I/O psychologist, expert in workplace evaluation and training programs through a variety of in-person and online methods, including Codevelopment Action Learning (CAL). Since 2013, together with Nathalie Lafranchise, he has been leading an action-research program named Codev-Action, focusing on the optimization and outcomes of CAL groups.

Nathalie Sabourin, M.Sc., CHRP, co-founder of The Co-Leadership Group, is an experienced strengths-based coach, entrepreneur and author, who unites teams and empowers leaders. She implemented CAL in diverse businesses to accelerate potential, innovation and learning. Nathalie inspires and shares her expertise on co-leadership, cross-collaboration, and action learning through client engagements, podcasts, articles and university engagements.

Nathalie Lafranchise, Ph.D. focuses her research on professional support, specifically: CAL, mentoring, skills development, interpersonal and group communication, as well as emotional intelligence and competence. Since 2013, together with Maxime Paquet, she has been leading an action-research program named Codev-Action, focusing on the optimization and outcomes of CAL groups.

Ron Cheshire, MBA, CIM, PCC is a strengths-based Leadership Coach with 25+ years of senior business executive experience. Certified by ICF, Gallup, and Erickson International, he excels in fostering growth by harnessing individuals' unique strengths. With a passion for coaching and CAL facilitation, Ron leaves a lasting impact on individuals and teams in organizations.


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    Apr 2024
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    Business innovation
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    229 x 152 mm
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    435 gram
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  • Paperback
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