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Fascination of Earth
Fascination of Earth

Fascination of Earth

Claire , Warden

Paperback / Sewn | English
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Planning should be joyful. We have all been there, locked away in a room, staring at a screen, trying to think of activities to put onto a planning document. What if there was another way? Would you embrace joyful planning and documentation? Luckily, the pages between these covers contain the keys to the confidence you are seeking to fully explore this learning journey, including quick to access visual mind maps and grids full of practical strategies to help children share what they know, question what they don't know, and make a plan to find the answer in a playful inquiry. The pages share the knowledge and skills you need to feel confident following a child-led inquiry around a fascination of crafting things from wood and exploring wood whittling and woodworking while also providing blank pages for you to make your own notes. Claire's Floorbook® approach will help your voice and the voices of the children you work with become interwoven to create a truly enjoyable and awe inspiring program.An emergent curriculum comes from children's fascination with the world around them, especially through encounters with materials such as wood, sticks, and leaves. If you are new to this style of emergent curriculum, the journal style encourages you to reflect on what you do, to record children's ideas that could influence your program over several years. There are sections around the adult role, what children understand about wood, how to assess risk, and how to use two ways of approaching the curriculum, with both approaches being seen in practice within the case studies as children can be seen being involved in shared sustained thinking as they plan and talk about their projects.The Fascination Series is a way of starting to reveal the opportunities for children to learn with nature and not just about it by connecting to it through handling and using it. When a child understands the gift of materials such as wood, its source and sustainability becomes more important. This mind set stays beyond the inquiry to be a lifelong way of thinking about the planet. Planning can be joyful, so open the book and let's get started.

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  • Pub date
    Nov 2022
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    Teachers’ classroom resources and material
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    254 x 203 x 10 mm
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    487 gram
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  • Paperback / Sewn
    Paperback / Sewn
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