Fate of Free, "Masked" and Conjugated/Modified forms of Mycotoxins
Fate of Free, "Masked" and Conjugated/Modified forms of Mycotoxins

Fate of Free, "Masked" and Conjugated/Modified forms of Mycotoxins

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International trade is highly affected by mycotoxin contaminations, which result in an annual 5% to 10% loss of global crop production. In the last decade, the mycotoxin scenario has been complicated by the progressive understanding-alongside emerging mycotoxins-of the parallel presence of modified (masked and conjugated) forms, in addition to the previously free known ones. The present Toxins Special Issue presents original research papers and reviews that deal with the fates of all these forms of mycotoxins with respect to aspects that cover traditional and industrial food processing, yearly grain campaign peculiar conditions and management, novel analytical solutions, consumer exposure, and biomarker-assessment directions. It gives a taste of an exciting scientific field that has several implications for our daily life because (i) it covers our diet practically and from every point of view, (ii) it intersects with our culinary uses and customs, but also industrial production processes, and (iii) it involves a careful evaluation of costs and benefits and a constant and continuous improvement of mycotoxin mitigation strategies.

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