James, K: Kicking Down the Fence
James, K: Kicking Down the Fence

James, K: Kicking Down the Fence

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Have you ever felt like a hamster on the wheel where your life keeps going in circles because you have no standards and boundaries set for yourself? You feel like you are going nowhere and you don't know what to do to set standards and boundaries for yourself and your life. Kicking Down The Fence, setting standards and boundaries begins with you knowing yourself. This book helps you identify, remove and change self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors to help you get rid of toxic people and toxic things in your life. We all have purpose and we are more than enough, we just need to learn how to walk out God's purpose for our lives and get rid of people and things holding us back. Sometimes we have to learn to put ourselves first, stop fearing being selfish and take it back to self-love. By Kicking down the fence, setting your standards and boundaries, you can change your daily habits to see a positive outcome on your great journey into self-love and self-acceptance.

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    Paperback / Sewn

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