Lay The Hate
Lay The Hate

Lay The Hate

Jason , Anspach & Nick , Cole

Paperback / Sewn | English
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The War Begins...The world of Ruin erupts into the flames of war as a great evil rises once more from the Tombs of Eternal Midnight. Werewolves and vampires march from the east, the orcs of Umnoth are on the move, and cities disappear beneath the boots of these savage hordes. Kingdoms field desperate armies in a last desperate bid to stop the tides of darkness, but the truth is clear.The hour of final ruin has come.Yet the wizard Vandahar has one more card to play: Rangers. Allied with elves and dwarves, they set out to strike at the very heart of the evil Lich Pharaoh's domain by attacking from a wholly unexpected direction.Survival. Asymmetrical warfare. Total surprise. This is what the Rangers do best.But first they must survive the Citadel.What the forces of evil have started, the Rangers will finish!

  • Publisher
    WarGate Books
  • Pub date
    May 2021
  • Pages
  • Theme
    Science fiction: military
  • Dimensions
    203 x 133 x 15 mm
  • Weight
    325 gram
  • EAN
  • Paperback / Sewn
    Paperback / Sewn
  • Language

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