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Miskatonic Shoreside Conservatory
Miskatonic Shoreside Conservatory

Miskatonic Shoreside Conservatory

Bridgett , Jeffries

Paperback / Sewn | English
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A campaign for Cthulhu DarkRun Time: Multisession campaignNumber of Players: 2-5Player Experience Needed: None, beginner friendlyInvestigators: Five pregenerated Investigators providedPlaystyle: Collaborative, shared narrative storytelling, pure sandbox, character drivenWhat's Included?- A 64-page fully illustrated and extensively playtested limited campaign for Cthulhu Dark- Dark Symbols Key to assist Directors with quick and easy converstion to other Mythos related systems- 5 pre-generated investigators and backgrounds + instructions to create your own investigators- 16 handouts (including a map of the campus)- A beautifully formatted PDF - Direct notes/suggestions from the author- Original art by Edwin MullaveyPremiseYou are a talented performing artist. You've recently been accepted to the Miskatonic Shoreside Conservatory.The Conservatory is an elite performing arts institute located on an island in the center of Narraganset Bay, outside of Providence, Rhode Island. Not unlike Julliard, completing this institute will skyrocket you into the professional career of your dreams.Upon arrival, you quickly realize that something isn't quite right about this campus... but let's be truthful- there's something not quite right about you.On the surface, things seem normal. You explore the campus, take on private study from instructors, and cultivate friendships amongst your peers. Beneath the surface, you can sense something ancient, something malevolent, and yet something familial simmering. It calls to you.The Miskatonic Shoreside Conservatory promises that upon completion, students will go forth and perform quam vestri somnia... beyond your dreams. The program feels supernaturally rigorous. You know that the campus is watching you. Someone, or something, joins you in your dreams.However, you've never felt more invigorated.Soon, you'll have to demonstrate how far you're willing to go to succeed.The choice is ultimately yours.Content Warnings:This scenario is intended for mature audiences only.violence, drowning, suicide, and self-harm

  • Publisher
    Symphony Entertainment Gaming & Arts
  • Pub date
    Aug 2022
  • Pages
  • Theme
    Role-playing, war games and fantasy sports
  • Dimensions
    280 x 216 x 4 mm
  • Weight
    188 gram
  • EAN
  • Paperback / Sewn
    Paperback / Sewn
  • Language

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