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Do You Tend to Over Analyze Everything? Do You Have Trouble Getting to Sleep? Do You Worry About the Future?

This book will help you manage your overthinking mind before things get even worse.

How many times have you stayed up late at night because you cannot stop worrying about that one little slip-up you had at work?

Now, how many times have you lost yourself in your thoughts for long stretches of time about that one embarrassing thing that you did back when you were in high school? This is just the tip of the iceberg when you are suffering from chronic overthinking.

You might seem a bit confused about what could be wrong about thinking too much? Is it not good? Getting lost in your thoughts is relatively harmless, but that is not what overthinking is.

Overthinking is when your mind gets overloaded by a couple of negative thoughts that seem to be on an endless loop, that keeps playing faster and faster.

When you do manage to stop overthinking, you will notice that you have already wasted a lot of time, and that you are also mentally and physically drained of energy.

This book aims to help you identify the reasons why you are constantly overthinking, and you will also learn a couple of tips and techniques on how you can pull yourself out of the death spiral of overthinking before you can fall in any deeper.

You will learn:

. What are the symptoms of overthinking

. How to challenging your thoughts

. How to implement active problem solving

. How to practicing mindfulness and what mindfulness is not

. What do you need to do to be more mindful

. How to dealing with procrastination

Even If your overthinking problem is not that serious, you can use the tips in this book to make your symptoms more manageable.

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I'm a self-help expert, a professional psychotherapist, and a mindfulness trainer with over 15 years of experience training mindfulness and meditation across Europe and the U.S. My publications include the bestseller, Overthinking: Turn Off Your Thoughts, among others. My publications are a product of the many years I have spent analyzing the mind and a wealth of knowledge I have gathered from my training and interactions from mindfulness gurus in Asia, particularly India.

I'm most passionate about guiding people through the steps of finding their purpose, happiness, and helping them discover the power of meditation and use it to achieve optimal life balance and excel in self-management. The core of my competency lies in my ability to blend the depth and essence of ancient philosophies and wisdom into contemporary living to help people reach the highest levels of awakening.

I believe that self-awakening is best achieved when we focus from within ourselves and make a work purposefully to gain control of our mind and thought process. However, most times, we are caught in the rush to achieve our goals that we give minimal attention to our inner self, which is a vital source of our strength to attain personal actualization and reach peak performance.

My books are an epitome of compassion, taking you through thoughtful and skillfully guided processes that help you gain deep awareness and conquer anxiety, mood disorders, and set you on the course to self-healing. I find my strength in sports, yoga, and mindfulness.

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