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Perfect Halves Book One
Perfect Halves Book One

Perfect Halves Book One

Rowena , Dawn

Paperback / Sewn | English
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Enjoy two stand-alone novels gathered in one book Perfect Halves, both of them about love, adventure and conspiracies. In each of them, a tough guy hits the ground and surrenders his heart.If you like suspense and romance, then this is the book for you. Strong characters and suspense are waiting to fill in your afternoons. Perfect Halves will have four books and you will meet all male characters in the first novel, Double-Edged, and the second novel, Eyes in the Dark.Double-Edged, a novel about love and adventure and second chances, joins Kate, a small, independent shop owner on her quest for romance and happily ever after. Against her better judgment, against her wishes, she allows her friend to push her into the world of online dating, where she encounters the most infuriating, stranger, and yet most interesting man, she has ever come across. Over several intense months of correspondence, Kate becomes embroiled in a global adventure with a man she knows either too little or too much about and discovers the truth behind the old saying, 'What the heart wants, the heart gets.' Or was that how it went? If not, maybe it should be changed. Discover this sun-drenched romance, the first in the inspirational and wedding series Perfect Halves, which depicts contemporary relationships, love, adventure and conspiracies.As a customer said: "Interesting romance. Plot develops nicely and actually held my attention unlike some recent romance out there. The story itself has something for more than just one age-group. Good for a wide audience. Female lead is amusing and plays along nicely with the rest of the cast. Fun, quite short book for some distraction."Eyes in the Dark features two interesting characters, Diane and Adam.She looks for peace of mind. He looks for revenge. They both get what they want but with a twist.Diane's an artist and a city girl. She inherits her aunt's ranch house and land and moves there in a journey to rediscover herself. But first, she discovers her inheritance comes with strings attached and people are willing to kill over it.Adam, former soldier and mercenary, wants to avenge his brother's death. Diane is his only means to achieve his purpose. Or that's what he thinks. When things get bad - and they do, Adam finds out that some people just sneak into one's soul and haunt them for eternity.

Rowena Dawn enjoys writing romance and mysteries. Born in Europe, she defines herself as a child of the world. She loves traveling and discovering new places and new people. Most of her spare time is spent with her pug - the most obnoxious dog ever seen, as everybody labels him. She will have a new romance series published soon!

  • Publisher
    Scarlet Leaf
  • Pub date
    Apr 2018
  • Pages
  • Theme
    Horror and supernatural fiction
  • Dimensions
    203 x 127 x 32 mm
  • Weight
    628 gram
  • EAN
  • Paperback / Sewn
    Paperback / Sewn
  • Language

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