Probiotic Research in Therapeutics
Probiotic Research in Therapeutics

Probiotic Research in Therapeutics

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This volume focuses on the potential use of probiotics in treating metabolic disorders such as diabetes mellitus, metabolic acidosis, and gut dysbiosis. Chapters draw an association between gut microbiota and its diversity with metabolic diseases like diabetes, obesity, related liver and gut disorders; gut-brain axis; increased inflammation, and a compromised immune system resulting from these manifestations and scope of intervention with probiotics. Special attention is laid on describing the mechanisms of action of such beneficial effects of probiotic administration. The ability of probiotics to decrease metabolic endotoxemia by restoring the disrupted intestinal mucosal barrier is also included.
The volume is a comprehensive compilation describing the scope and application of probiotic and prebiotic therapy in treating metabolic disorders. Readers will discover how probiotics are not just confined to the microbiology industry but are showing promising results in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

> 145 high impact International publications and 21 book chapters; edited four books and 4 Journal special issues; and > 150 presentations have been made by her research group, with 30 sentenced as best presentations.
Prof. Kanwaljit Chopra, the former Chairperson of the University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, has prolific experience of 28 years in research and holds distinguished expertise in Neuropharmacology, Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases, Pain, Inflammation, and Menopausal complications. She has more than 215 international and national publications in high-impact journals, acclaimed globally for her research work. She has received eleven prestigious national and international awards. She has fetched grants of over 1.5 Crores from the Government as well as Industry. She has been an active member of National and International societies. Her "Reverse Pharmacology" approach has provided strong leads to the scientific community for the translational potential of various moieties of natural origin.
Dr. Mahendra Bishnoi is working as Scientist E, Food and Nutritional Biotechnology, National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute, Mohali. He is presently leading a group of young researchers dedicated to metabolic disorders (obesity and type-2 diabetes) research with a particular focus on nutrition and diet, the development of molecular evidence-based functional foods, and nutraceuticals. His scientific work is well recognized in more than 120 peer-reviewed and high-impact factor scientific journals, with around 4000 citations. Dr. Bishnoi is an Alexander von Humboldt Experienced Fellow, Early and Mid-Career Research (EMCR) fellow of Indian National Science Academy (INSA), Melvin Yahr awardee from World Federation of Neurosciences.
Dr. Kondepudi is presently working as Scientist-E in the Food & Nutrition Biotechnology Division at National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute, an autonomous institute under the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. Dr. Kondepudi is actively working on developing dietary interventions that could beneficially modulate the gut bacteria and could protect from proinflammatory stress underlying many diseases with an overall goal to develop functional foods based on millets and their bioactive ingredients, dietary fibers, prebiotics, probiotics, and other functional ingredients from different plant sources. His group uses rodent models, nutrigenomic and metagenomic approaches for evaluating the efficacy of bioactive ingredients and functional foods.

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