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This book is designed to help readers increase both the quality and quantity of their lives. Particular attention is paid to the fact that we cannot separate our physical and psychological health which are interconnected in significant and complex ways. Each inevitably affects the other, both positively and negatively. Because negative effects of preventable health problems take place so insidiously, we may not be aware of how deleterious they are until decades after making unhealthy decisions. The reader will be guided through increased understanding of how this interrelationship affects our health, and how we can increase our power to emphasize positive physical and psychological impacts and minimize or prevent negative ones. Additionally, we discuss self-help and professional treatment methods for remediation of health problems, and how our health problems necessarily impact, directly and/or indirectly, those in our family, work environment and community, along with how we can help guide ourselves and others to a healthier and longer life.

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    Xlibris US
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    Dec 2021
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    Society and Social Sciences
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    229 x 152 x 9 mm
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  • Paperback / Sewn
    Paperback / Sewn
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