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The Protector: Removal of the President
The Protector: Removal of the President

The Protector: Removal of the President

Peter Van Oossanen

Hardback / bound | English
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The events described in this third book of the ‘The Protector’ trilogy, take place-twenty-five years after Leona Martin gives birth to a baby boy (described in the-last chapter of the second book entitled, ‘The Protector: His Loss and Retribution’).-Sam and Leona name him Sam-Junior, but he is usually called Junior. He-has been educated and trained to follow in Sam’s footsteps. He now takes the-lead in what unfolds. When Sam discovers the devious method the President of-the USA adopted to gain support from Congress for his dangerous ‘USA One and-Only’ policy, which threatens to lead to a new cold war, or worse, the Stanton-family decide on a plan that is to lead to the removal of the President and the Vice-President from office. Their first task is to free Jocelyn, the President’s daughter,-who has been confined to the White House without means of communicating-with the outside world after she discovers the crimes for which her father is-accountable. Junior and Jocelyn fall in love during their daring escape from the-White House. They then inform the Washington Post of what the President is-responsible for, but the investigative reporter is murdered immediately after his-first report appears in print. Their continued involvement with the Washington-Post finally leads to the impeachment of the President and the Vice President by-the House of Representatives, but the subsequent trial in the Senate, intended to-remove him from office, does not lead to the required two-thirds majority. Sam-and Junior then abduct the President, the Vice President, and their spouses, from-their bedrooms during the night and take them to Prime-Even where they are-subjected to an intensive correctional program, designed to let them realize the-serious errors they have made. Jocelyn has meanwhile left Junior after having-seen him kill three of their assailants, believing that he is a vigilante. When she is-captured for possibly having played a role in the abduction of her father, Junior-comes to her rescue, but he is also taken prisoner. He is confined to a high security-penitentiary in Florida and told that he would never stand trial or be released-for having carried out acts of terror similar to those of the thirty-two terrorist-inmates that he is imprisoned with. He escapes, and on returning home is set on finding out if Jocelyn might still love him…-

  • Publisher
    Buijten en Schipperheijn B.V., Drukkerij
  • Edition
  • Pub date
    Aug 2021
  • Pages
  • Theme
    Fiction: general and literary
  • Dimensions
    244 x 170 x 33 mm
  • Weight
    798 gram
  • EAN
  • Hardback / bound
    Hardback / bound
  • Language

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