Wicca Herbal Magic
Wicca Herbal Magic

Wicca Herbal Magic

Illes , Arin

Hardback / bound | Engels
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Would you like to:
· Get in touch with nature?
· Live in harmony with the world?
· Acquire new powers that will help you in daily life?

This book contains all the information you will need to get started and help you improve your unique practice. Keep in mind that the exercise of magic is a lifelong journey, with satisfying and astonishing results, which could change your life. This book is a priceless tool for shaping your one-of-a-kind journey.
Discover the power that lies inside the plants and herbs. Learn about their healing properties and heal yourself and others.
Herbal magic is a powerful way to enhance your connection with nature and the universe.

Here's a quick of what you will learn in this guide:
· The power of plants and herbs: Discover the power hidden inside plants and herbs. Find out how the herbal magic can enhance your connection and harmony with nature.
· The practical herbal spells: Learn how to help and heal yourself and the others with the herbal magic and rituals. Discover the step-by-step guide for casting more than dozen of herbal magic spells.
· The best way to utilize plants and herbs: Discover the many ways to use plants and herbs in everyday life. Learn how to prepare special teas and to use the essential oils.

Are you ready to get more proficient at working magic helping and healing yourself and others with herbs?
May this addition to your collection help you develop your link to the magical gifts provided to us all from the lavish and profuse Earth.

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    Nov 2020
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  • Theme
    Nature popular overall
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    235 x 157 x 19 mm
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    554 gram
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    Hardback / bound
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