Grasping the future

Strategic foresight to get your organisation future ready

Silke Den Hartog-de Wilde

Paperback / Ingenaaid | Engels
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We all know companies that were very successful once, but not anymore. Think of Nokia, Kodak and Blockbuster. What they have in common is that they failed to recognize large-scale, disruptive changes in time and thus lost control of the future. That has cost these organizations dearly. But also, as a society we have been overwhelmed by disruptive event. Take for example the disruptive impact of the current covid-19 crisis that has taken so many people and organisations by surprise. Nobody can predict the future, but you can (systematically) explore it. This book introduces you to a number of well-known and proven methods strategic foresight. From the scenario planning that Shell has become famous for, to the more contemporary science fiction prototyping. From wild cards and black swans to roadmapping. The various methods are explained briefly and understandably and illustrated with clear examples. Author Silke den Hartog - de Wilde has more than ten years of experience as a foresight practitioner and trainer of strategists within (semi) government and business.

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    okt. 2020
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    Bestuurs- en beleidskunde
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    Paperback / Ingenaaid
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