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The epidemic of unhappiness, loneliness and rushed lives is growing and growing. To whom should we look for help?
Do you often feel like you are going through life on triple speed? Like the days are passing you by?
Do you get the feeling of loneliness, even though you message with your friends all day long.
When was the last time you had a peaceful dinner with the ones you love and care about?
Did you answer "well..." to any of those? Be honest - we all do. To one, two, or even to all. We are constantly being rushed, pushed to do more things, have more things, be faster, more efficient, more successful. But it's burning us out. Even when we reach success, we're not happy with it.
Our stressed livescan has a destructive effect on our bodies and minds. According to the American Psychological Association, constant tension causes:Headaches
Muscle tension
Digestive problems
Cardiovascular problems
Lack of sleep

And many other fatal effects including depression, anger and lack of motivation.
APA also shows the link of stress with the 6 most common causes of death. As much as 75% of doctor visits are for stress-related complaints!The Danish may just hold the answer to that - it's hygge, and you probably have heard about it by now. The problem is most people don't grab the entire concept. They expect that some candles, hot cocoa and a warm blanket will immediately solve their problems. But the full spectrum of hygge includes much more.
Go beyond fuzzy cardigans and lavender-scented candles. Embrace hygge to its fullest potential and give yourself the true peacefulness and calmness.
In Hygge, you will discover:What are the main principles of hygge and how to practice them with ease
What major benefits can proper hygge bring into your life
How to make your home as hyggelig as possible
What hygge and parenting may have in common
How to do more for your tastebuds than just hot cocoa
How to experience hygge all year round - not just in winter
Why bringing hygge principles into work can be a great idea
What is the best place to go for lunch to stay happy and calm

And much more.
Making a change in your habits can be a challenge - but it's for your health, after all!
You will notice immediate improvements in your life. Never again give in to stress and overwhelming isolation. You too can live the frugal, happy life you always wanted. Just use the astounding practices set up by generations of Danes.
After all, there is a good reason why Denmark constantly places in top 3 happiest countries in the World Happiness Report since 2013!Hygge has many facets you are not yet aware of. It's a real shame to leave those amazing treasures undiscovered. Get your life back - click the BUY NOW and hygge up!

I'm a self-help expert, a professional psychotherapist, and a mindfulness trainer with over 15 years of experience training mindfulness and meditation across Europe and the U.S. My publications include the bestseller, Overthinking: Turn Off Your Thoughts, among others. My publications are a product of the many years I have spent analyzing the mind and a wealth of knowledge I have gathered from my training and interactions from mindfulness gurus in Asia, particularly India.

I'm most passionate about guiding people through the steps of finding their purpose, happiness, and helping them discover the power of meditation and use it to achieve optimal life balance and excel in self-management. The core of my competency lies in my ability to blend the depth and essence of ancient philosophies and wisdom into contemporary living to help people reach the highest levels of awakening.

I believe that self-awakening is best achieved when we focus from within ourselves and make a work purposefully to gain control of our mind and thought process. However, most times, we are caught in the rush to achieve our goals that we give minimal attention to our inner self, which is a vital source of our strength to attain personal actualization and reach peak performance.

My books are an epitome of compassion, taking you through thoughtful and skillfully guided processes that help you gain deep awareness and conquer anxiety, mood disorders, and set you on the course to self-healing. I find my strength in sports, yoga, and mindfulness.

  • Uitgever
    Szymon Zaganiaczyk
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    jul. 2020
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    Psychotherapie en andere therapieen
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    229 x 152 x 10 mm
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    273 gram
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    Paperback / Ingenaaid
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