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Kobek, J: Only Americans Burn in Hell
Kobek, J: Only Americans Burn in Hell

Kobek, J: Only Americans Burn in Hell

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'Brilliantly funny ... the best satire of our contemporary nightmare that you will ever see, and very possibly the last' Alan MooreIt's 2019 and America is ruled over by a billionaire reality TV star. Its media is owned by a transnational class of the shameless and the depraved. And its people have been silently robbed of their wealth, their dignity and their democracy. In this brave new world, going to see a superhero movie counts as activism, and arguing with the other serfs on social media is political engagement. BUT EVERYTHING'S FINE - as long as you never, ever ask yourself who makes money from the ticket sales and the ratings, or who owns Twitter. It's 2019 and Jarett Kobek has done the only thing a dissident American novelist can do in those circumstances: he's joined the party and written fantasy novel about an immortal fairy queen and a shadowy billionaire philanthropist sheikh called Dennis.Hilarious, provocative and unmissable, Only Americans Burn in Hell is the only novel for our certifiably insane times.

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