Mushrooms: 2 Books in 1The ultimate guide for beginners and intermediate people to magic mushroom cultivation with update methods
Mushrooms: 2 Books in 1The ultimate guide for beginners and intermediate people to magic mushroom cultivation with update methods

Mushrooms: 2 Books in 1The ultimate guide for beginners and intermediate people to magic mushroom cultivation with update methods

John , Mush

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You Are A Step Away From Uncovering The Secret Power Of Magic Mushroom, Including How You Can Use Them To Improve Your Health And Life, Cultivate Them And Much More!
If you've always wanted to learn about Magic mushrooms- their spirituality, properties and psychedelic effects and uses -to expand your knowledge about this unique fungi, or to exploit the plant's healing properties, but you've never really found an ideal, comprehensive resource to take you through it, then keep reading...
Maybe you've always wanted to start cultivating the plant for commercial use but are tired of the conflicting information online about the plant's biochemistry, psychedelic effects and cultivation processes that should be used.
Whatever the reason for your interest in the magic mushroom is, just know that you've come to the right place.
Magic mushroom is a unique fungi- very useful and profitable when well understood, but yet potentially dangerous and unhealthy when poorly understood.
However, having all the facts about the plant doesn't have to be difficult, and neither is the process of using it and cultivating it.
In fact, it's easier than you think.
Studies published in the National Institutes of Health demonstrate the fact that magic mushrooms are very useful to mankind, as they treat depression and other mood-related disorders, and fight cancer- among countless other health uses.
Another study conducted by the King's College, London (published in CNN) and mental health care company assert that the active ingredient in the mushroom (psilocybin) can change people's lives by improving their mood and treating mental health problems.
This means that getting acquainted with this poorly understood fungi is probably the most important thing you can do right now, and have made the right step towards improving your life with its understanding.
Lucky for you, this 2 in 1 book is specially designed to take you through everything you need to know about magic mushrooms.
And if you have questions like...
What exactly are magic mushrooms and why are they referred to as 'magic' mushrooms?
What can they do and what makes it possible for them to achieve the benefits?
How can you start using these mushrooms for your health?
How do you use them safely - how much dosage?
Is it possible to grow your own mushrooms and what does the law say about that?
And many others....
You are in luck because this 2 in 1 book covers all that and much more so keep reading!
Here is a tiny fraction of what you will discover:The history of magic mushrooms
The types of magic mushrooms
How to identify them
The effects of magic mushrooms in the brain and emotions
How to use the mushrooms safely
How the magic mushrooms fight cancer
How to grow these potent plants the right way
The best conditions for growing different kinds of mushrooms, including cultivation, pest control, harvesting, post harvesting preparation and storage
Other functions of these mushrooms
Other health benefits (besides fighting cancer)
What scientists and experts say about them

...and much, much more!

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