Gedicht van de dag: William Carlos Williams

Ter gelegenheid van de Poëzieweek 2019 koos Lena 7 gedichten uit: voor elke dag een ander gedicht. Vandaag een gedicht van William Carlos Williams.

In passing with my mind
on nothing in the world

but the right of way
I enjoy on the road by

virtue of the law —
I saw

an elderly man who
smiled and looked away

to the north past a house —
a woman in blue

who was laughing and
leaning forward to look up

into the man’s half
averted face

and a boy of eight who was
looking at the middle of

the man’s belly
at a watchchain —

The supreme importance
of this nameless spectacle

sped me by them
without a word —

Why bother where I went?
for I went spinning on the

four wheels of my car
along the wet road until

I saw a girl with one leg
over the rail of a balcony

Uit: William Carlos Williams, Spring and All, Martino Publishing, 2015, €12,95

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