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Operation Edge
Operation Edge

Operation Edge

Richard , Joyce

Hardback / gebonden | Engels
  • Leverbaar. De levertijd is 9 werkdag(en).
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€ 32,20

Ex-Special Forces solider Johnny Vince has won many battles, mentally and physically on and off the battlefield. But now, haunted and suppressed by the demons of the past, the 'black dogs' have found their victim: Johnny Vince.Not able to escape his PTSD, alcohol abuse, violence, self-harm, and detaching from society, he has ended up on the edge of life. Volatile at his lowest point, a light at the end of the tunnel is presented. With the emotional mission to save a friend in a similar circumstance, a few of the old crew decide to help him. But why? With Johnny's emotional sensory overload, who can he trust? Is Johnny the 'rogue' that many want bagged. With an extremely painful outcome, Johnny has to re-set, literally to the beginning. The plan is set. But, knowing trouble follows Johnny...

Following the success of Operation Blue Halo, and Operation Last Assault, Richard Joyce has also published the third novel in the series featuring Johnny Vince: his next mission: to track and locate the Sumatra tiger poachers' stronghold; relatively easy for an ex-Special Forces, or so his boss said. With a truly strange turn of events, Johnny is emerged into a world that not even the complex himself can prepare to fathom. Even with Johnny's Elite skills, can he take this young, new squad into the hornets' nest with little knowledge and weaponry? You want action, adventure, and emotions-is the edge of your seat ready?

  • Uitgever
    Richard Joyce Books
  • Verschenen
    dec. 2021
  • Bladzijden
  • Genre
    Fictie over oorlog, gevecht en legeravonturen
  • Afmetingen
    240 x 161 x 22 mm
  • Gewicht
    675 gram
  • EAN
  • Hardback / gebonden
    Hardback / gebonden
  • Taal

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