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Annick Gilles
9789044138719 | Dutch | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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Door de nauwe contacten met duizenden tinnituspatiënten gedurende de afgelopen jaren werd de auteur één ding heel duidelijk: mensen zijn op zoek naar antwoorden op de talrijke vragen die de klacht tin... More


Leerboek KNO en Hoofd-Halschirurgie

9789036820943 | Dutch | Paperback / Sewn | 2019
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Dit boek geeft studenten geneeskunde en arts-assistenten een gedegen basis voor keel-neus-oorheelkunde en hoofd-halschirurgie. Daarnaast is het een waardevol naslagwerk voor meer ervaren KNO-artsen, h... More


Mond-, kaak- en aangezichtschirurgie

Arris Schuurkamp & Annelies Detmar-van der Meulen
9789036821087 | Dutch | Paperback / Sewn | 2018
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Het leerboek Mond-, kaak- en aangezichtschirurgie is een helder geschreven boek dat op overzichtelijke wijze de meest gangbare, in de mond-, kaak-en aangezichtschirurgie voorkomende operaties beschri... More


Leven met snurken en apneu

Nico de Vries & Piet-Heijn van Mechelen
9789031386222 | Dutch | Paperback / Sewn | 2011
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Ook vannacht liggen er weer een paar honderdduizend partners wakker. Sommigen zijn al voor de zekerheid in een andere kamer gaan slapen. Snurken is een serieus probleem: er zijn naar schatting een mil... More


Upper Airway Stimulation in Obstructive Sleep Apnea

9783030895037 | Engels | Hardback / bound | 2022
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This book by leading international experts provides an evidence-based approach to electrical stimulation of the upper airway, beginning with patient selection, implant techniques, trouble shootings, p... More


Mediterranean Rhinoplasty

9783031055508 | Engels | Hardback / bound | 2022
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The book offers a thorough description of rhinoplasty techniques for patients from the Mediterranean area. Noses come in different shapes and colors, depending on the various biotypes of the different... More


Rhinology and Anterior Skull Base Surgery

9783030668679 | Engels | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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This book offers a selection of pertinent patient case-presentations in the field of rhinology, anterior skull base and facial plastics surgery. It further explores the evidence-based management of si... More


Otoscopy Findings

Janez , Rebol
9783031039782 | Engels | Hardback / bound | 2022
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The book is intended to serve as a practical guide to effective ear examination. Learning to perform otoscopy is not easy because the external auditory canal is obstructed by cerumen, otorrhea can be... More


Pediatric Thoracic Surgery

9783030746704 | Engels | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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This book discusses all thoracic diseases of surgical interest, from thorax malformations to airways disorders.It is divided into six main sections; the first two analyze general aspects, while the fo... More


Innovations in Modern Endocrine Surgery

9783030739539 | Engels | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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This book is the first to focus on the range of innovations that have been critical to the emergence of modern endocrine surgery. It provides a state-of-the art review of these developments, providing... More



Martin , Kompis
9783456862453 | German | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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Auch in der nunmehr 5. Auflage bleibt das Lehrbuch eingängig und kompakt in Struktur und Inhalt. Martin Kompis hat den Inhalt vollständig überarbeitet, aktualisiert und ergänzt. So ist unter anderem e... More


Atlas of Thyroid Surgery

9783030936723 | Engels | Hardback / bound | 2022
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This surgical atlas illustrates the various successful thyroid surgery techniques of world-renowned surgeons. Some approaches presented include total thyroidectomy, right thyroid lobectomy, left thyro... More


Office-Based Laryngeal Surgery

Abdul-Latif , Hamdan, Mary J. , Hawkshaw & Robert Thayer , Sataloff
9783030919351 | Engels | Hardback / bound | 2022
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This book provides a detailed description of laryngeal procedures performed under topical anesthesia in an office setting. The last two decades have witnessed a major evolution in laryngology practice... More


Cochlear Implants

9789811904516 | Engels | Hardback / bound | 2022
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This book is a comprehensive illustration of content covering cochlear implants' past, present, and future perspectives. It delves into history, about how the first implant was conceived around 50 yea... More


Speech Therapy

Eduardo , Bush
9781774855812 | Engels | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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Speech is a very critical part of development as a human being, if a speech disorder is not addressed in the early ages it can carry over into adulthood, possibly resulting in your child going through... More


Inner Ear Malformations

9783030836733 | Engels | Hardback / bound | 2022
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This book, built on the latest internationally recognized classification system to which the volume editor contributed, offers a unique and comprehensive reference guide to the clinical presentation,... More


Aphasia Compendium

9781803550695 | Engels | Hardback / bound | 2022
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Aphasia is an acquired central disorder of language that impairs a person¿s ability to understand and/or produce spoken or writing language. The study of aphasia is important in different clinical and... More


Integrated Procedures in Facial Cosmetic Surgery

9783030469955 | Engels | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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Physical attractiveness of the face has a significant impact on the social life and daily interaction of individuals as well as one¿s general perception of life. Proper surgical planning for aesthetic... More


Facial Palsy

9783030507862 | Engels | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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This book offers a comprehensive overview of the surgical techniques available in reconstruction of the paralyzed face. It is divided into six parts. The first part introduces the topic of facial pals... More


Manual to Veterinary Video-Oto-Endoscopy

Giovanni , Ghibaudo
9783030989101 | Engels | Hardback / bound | 2022
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This atlas provides a step-by-step manual in using the video-oto-endoscope (VOE) as a tool to study ear diseases in cats and dogs. Illustrated by numerous high-resolution images and case studies, the... More