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Unlocking the Bible - New Testament (ОТКРЫВАЯ БИБЛИЮ Н&#1054

David , Pawson
9781909886124 | Russian | Paperback / Sewn | 2014
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Russian language edition of Unlocking the Bible (New Testament) by international Bible teacher David Pawson. More


Religion, Ethics and Public Education- Religion, Ethik und öffentliche Bildung- Religia, etyka i edukacja publiczna

9783631630433 | English | Hardback / bound | 2012
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Irrespective of the separation between religion and state, societies are confronted with claims to incorporate religious beliefs in public education. The anthology deals with the relevant issues refer More


Unlocking the Bible - Old Testament (Russian)

David , Pawson
9781909886872 | Russian | Paperback / Sewn | 2015
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This is the Russian language edition of Unlocking the Bible (Old Testament), a Bible commentary written by David Pawson. There is also a New Testament companion volume available. The author is a well- More