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Learn Kubernetes in a Month of Lunches

Elton , Stoneman
9781617297984 | English | Paperback / Sewn | 2021
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In Learn Kubernetes in a Month of Lunches you'll go from "what's a Pod?" to automatically scaling clusters of containers and components in just 22 hands-on lessons, each short enough to fit into a lun More


Learn Docker in a Month of Lunches

Elton , Stoneman
9781617297052 | English | Paperback / Sewn | 2020
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Go from zero to production readiness with Docker in 22 bite-sized lessons! Learn Docker in a Month of Lunches is an accessible task-focused guide to Docker on Linux, Windows, or Mac systems. Learn D More


Docker on Windows - Second Edition

Elton , Stoneman
9781789617375 | English | Paperback / Sewn | 2019
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Unleash Google's Cloud Platform to build, train and optimize machine learning modelsKey FeaturesGet well versed in GCP pre-existing services to build your own smart modelsA comprehensive guide coverin More


Docker on Windows

Elton , Stoneman
9781785281655 | English | Paperback / Sewn | 2017
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Giuseppe Ciaburro holds a PhD in environmental technical physics, along with two master's degrees. His research was focused on machine learning applications in the study of urban sound environments. H More