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Abstracte kunst

Pepe Karmel
9789462583993 | Dutch | Hardback / bound | 2020
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Abstracte kunst heeft vaak concrete wortels. Ervaringen in de echte wereld, stelt kunsthistoricus Pepe Karmel, liggen bijna altijd ten grondslag aan abstracte uitingen. Dit boek is een gedurfde nieuwe... More


Bestiary: Or the Parade of Orpheus

Guillaume , Apollinaire
9781567921427 | Engels | Paperback / Sewn | 2014
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Thirty short poems by Guillaume Apollinaire, with woodcuts by Raoul Dufy, of Dufy, that celebrate mammals, birds, fish, insects, and the mythical poet and prophet Orpheus-filled with surprising images... More



Pepe Karmel
9780847868117 | Engels | Hardback / bound | 2020
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This lavishly illustrated book offers a detailed look at the evolution of Helen Frankenthaler s sumptuous evocations of the natural world in paintings spanning forty years. More


Kurt Kauper: Paintings 2001-2007

9780977868681 | Engels | Hardback / bound | 2008
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Lenore Malen: The New Society for Universal Harmony

9781887123679 | Engels | Paperback / Sewn | 2004
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Cultural Writing. In THE NEW SOCIETY FOR UNIVERSAL HARMONY, Lenore Malen uses pseudo-documentary photos, video and audio transcriptions, "testimonials," case histories, and arcane imagery to archive t... More


Openness and Idealism: Soviet Posters: 1985-1991

9788857245645 | Engels | Hardback / bound | 2021
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As we recognize the 30th anniversary of the dissolution of the USSR, it is worth remembering the rich history of Soviet art that came from that period: the colorful and radical posters of Glasnost. Co... More


Abstract Art: A Global History

Pepe Karmel
9780500239582 | Engels | Hardback / bound | 2020
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An important new survey on abstract art that takes content as a guide to form, and breaks open the canon to make room for artists from across the globe. More