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Frank van der Salm, Shumon Basar, Aaron Betsky & Urs Stahel
9789082870831 | Engels | Paperback / Sewn | 2021
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NOWHERE shows a world in which Instagrammability seems to rule; in which the new reality is dictated by the seductive image that may (later) be made of it. Architecture, design and urban landscape, di... More


The World of Madelon Vriesendorp: Paintings/Postcards/Objects/Games

9781902902630 | Engels | Hardback / bound | 2008
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The World of Madelon Vriesendorp reveals for the first time a significant, and nearly secret, corpus of work notable for its wild diversity. Though Vriesendorp is best known for her seminal cycle of a... More


The Extreme Self: Age of You

9783960989738 | Engels | Paperback / Sewn | 2021
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If you're wondering why the inside of your head feels so strange these days, this book has the answers. The Extreme Self is a new kind of graphic novelthat shows how you've been morphing into somethin... More


The Age Of Earthquakes

Shumon Basar, Douglas Coupland & Hans Ulrich Obrist
9780141979564 | Engels | Paperback / Sewn | 2015
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Provides the images, language and perceptions of our unfurling digital lives. The authors invent a glossary of new words to describe how we are truly feeling today; and 'mindsource' images and illustr... More


The Age of Earthquakes: A Guide to the Extreme Present

Douglas , Coupland, Hans Ulrich , Obrist & Shumon , Basar
9780399173868 | Engels | Paperback / Sewn | 2015
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A highly provocative, mindbending, beautifully designed, and visionary look at the landscape of our rapidly evolving digital era.50 years after Marshall McLuhan's ground breaking book on the influence... More


Frank van der Salm, NOWHERE - Imagining The Global City

Shumon Basar Aaron , Betsky & Urs , Stahel
9783960700647 | Engels | Paperback / Sewn | 2021
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(Please scroll down for English version) NOWHERE zeigt eine Welt, der es hauptsächlich um die Instagrammierbarkeit geht; in der die neue Realität von dem verführerischen Bild diktiert wird, das (späte... More



Shumon Basar, Peter Cachola Schmal & Mercedes Daguerre
9780714849539 | Engels | Hardback / bound | 2009
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A comprehensive and generously illustrated overview of contemporary world architecture. More