Sprache und sprachliches Handeln

Sprache und sprachliches Handeln

Pragmatik und Sprachtheorie, Prozeduren des sprachlichen Handelns, Discurs, Narration, Text, Schrift

Ehlich, Konrad

Hardback / gebonden | Duits
Sprache und sprachliches Handeln
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The three collected volumes of this study of language and linguistic action present the first compendium of the foundations of a functional-pragmatic theory of language, and using exemplars of linguistic analysis give an insight into the approaches and methods which are possible working on the basis of the theory. Volume 1 takes critical issue with the main lines of the construction of linguistic theory to develop the profile of a functional-pragmatic approach, Volume 2 examines the use of linguistic procedures in language action, and Volume 3 concentrates on the analysis of discourses in various action fields such as education, business or religion.

  • Uitgever
    Van Ditmar Boekenimport B.V.
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    jan. 2007
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    235 x 171 x 108 mm
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    2880 gram
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    Hardback / gebonden
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