Wicca for Beginners
Wicca for Beginners

Wicca for Beginners

Illes , Arin

Hardback / gebonden | Engels
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€ 36,50

Are you looking for some motivation to bring your magical exercise to the next level?
Do you want to know more about Wicca and its magical powers?
Then this Wicca for Beginners is the ideal option for you!

Most of the people, when they hear the words "Wicca" or "Wiccan," the first thing that comes to their minds is "witchcraft." That is because there are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there regarding the Wicca religion. But being a Wiccan is so much more than that.
The people who practice and follow Wicca faith have a simple goal. They want to achieve a harmonic life with the world and get in touch with nature.

Here's a quick peek of what you can find in this fantastic guide for beginners:
· Basics of Wiccan philosophy: Discover the basics of the Wicca religion. Discover the benefits of practicing Wicca. Learn what the Wiccans are and what they believe.
· The easiest way to start a coven: Discover the best tips and advice on how to begin your coven. Learn about basic principles and the Eight Sabbats. Start a journey on the path of the Wicca through self-realization.
· The power of the Book of Shadows and Wicca tools: Discover the power that resides within Wiccan rituals. Learn how to understand the Book of Shadows. Find out the best and easiest way to utilize Wicca tools in rituals and spellcasting.
· Step-by-step guide to beginner's rituals and spellcasting: With the step-by-step guide designed for beginners, you will master the necessary rituals and spells in no time. Discover the rituals for love and money.
· And much more

Are you ready to release the Wiccan witch within you?
If yes, allow this book to help you achieve that and BUY NOW to get started!

  • Uitgever
  • Verschenen
    nov. 2020
  • Bladzijden
  • Genre
    Natuur populair algemeen
  • Afmetingen
    235 x 157 x 18 mm
  • Gewicht
    524 gram
  • EAN
  • Bindwijze
    Hardback / gebonden
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