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Transmit Receive Modules For Radar And Communication Systems

Rick Sturdivant & Mike Harris
9781608079797 | Engels | Boek | 2015
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This new resource presents a comprehensive overview of all design, fabrication, integration, and implementation issues associated with T/R modules for radar and communications. Meer

€ 161,50

Principles Of Electronic Materials And Devices (int'l Ed)

Safa O. Kasap
9780071244589 | Engels | Boek | 2005
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Designed for a first course on electronic materials given in Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Physics and Engineering Physics Departments at the undergraduate level. Meer

€ 74,95

Advanced Testing And Characterization Of Bituminous Materials

9780415558549 | Engels | Boek | 2009
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Demonstrates that modern experimental material characterization techniques, sophisticated constitutive modeling, and innovative design provide appropriate tools for pavement performance prediction. Meer

€ 430,50

2006 Code Of Practice For Installation Of Electrical And Electronic Equipment

The Institution Technology
9780580482809 | Engels | Boek | 2006
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€ 289,50

Asm Hb V. 8

Howard Kuhn & Diana Medlin
9780871703897 | Engels | Boek | 2000
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Cited in Books for College Libraries 3d. ed. under the previous title The Metals Handbook . This handbook provides up-to- date, practical information on mechanical testing for metals, plastics, cerami... Meer

€ 348,95

Essentials Of Marketing High Technology

William L. Shanklin & John K. Ryans
9780585231167 | Engels | Boek | 2000
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To learn more about Rowman & Littlefield titles please visit us at www.rowmanlittlefield.com. Meer

€ 33,95

Mouse That Roared Cb

9780742509832 | Engels | Boek | 1999
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€ 19,50

Pspice For Basic Microelectronics With Cd

Joseph G. Tront
9780073263205 | Engels | Boek | 2007
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Introduces readers to the fundamental uses of Pspice in support of Microelectronic circuit analysis. This book includes analysis of diodes, BJTs, JFETs, MOSFETs, and transformers. It features step-by-... Meer

€ 40,50

Fundamentals Of Digital And Computer Design With Vhdl

Richard S. Sandige & Michael L. Sandige
9781259007552 | Engels | Boek | 2012
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Intended for an introductory digital design course for students at the freshman level, this title is also suitable for an introductory computer design course with assembly language programming for stu... Meer

€ 63,50

Engine Combustion

David R. Rogers
9780768019636 | Engels | Boek | 2010
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Provides practical information on measuring, analysing, and qualifying combustion data, as well as details on hardware and software requirements and system components. Describing the principles of a s... Meer

€ 109,95

Programming And Customizing The Avr Microcontroller

Dhananjay V. Gadre
9780071346665 | Engels | Boek | 2000
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How to take charge of the newest, most versatile microcontrollers around, Atmel's AVR RISC chip family (with CD-ROM). Meer

€ 46,95

Sgd/lml-welding/metal Fabricat

Burris & Jeffus
9781418013752 | Engels | Boek | 2006
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Includes quizzes, figure labeling exercises, additional exercises and projects. Meer

€ 27,95

Instability In Models Connected With Fluid Flows

9780387755472 | Engels | Boek | 2007
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The advantages of the study of the stability and instability of models in fluid mechanics are presented by world-recognized specialists in mathematical analysis, PDEs, optimal control, etc. The two vo... Meer

€ 253,95

Genomics-assisted Crop Improvement

9781402083372 | Engels | Boek | 2008
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Genomics research has great potential to revolutionize the discipline of plant breeding. This set provides a critical assessment of genomics tools and approaches for crop breeding. It illustrates geno... Meer

€ 317,50

Lml-found Of Electronics 4e

9780766840294 | Engels | Boek | 2002
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The Lab Manual for FOUNDATIONS OF ELECTRONICS: CIRCUITS & DEVICES, 4th Edition, is a valuable tool designed to enhance your classroom experience. Lab activities, objectives, materials lists, step-by-s... Meer

€ 97,95

Particle Size Measurement

Terence Allen
9780412753503 | Engels | Boek | 1996
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The first volume is devoted to sampling and particle size measurement, while surface area and pore size determination are reviewed in volume 2. Particle size and characterisation are central to unders... Meer

€ 258,50

Radiowave Propagation Over Ground Software

Z. Wu & T.s.m. Maclean
9780412546808 | Engels | Boek | 1997
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The purpose of the package is to answer the question 'What is the radio field strength at a certain point?' when power is radiated from a transmit- ting source. For propagation from a transmitting sou... Meer

€ 444,50

Pesticides In Fruits And Vegetables

Susan E. Kegley
9780935702460 | Engels | Boek | 1998
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This introductory module explores the structure/solubility relationships of organic compounds, explains how to extract pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables, analyzes the extract for pesticide... Meer

€ 37,95

3d Qsar In Drug Design

9780792347927 | Engels | Boek | 1998
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Part of the "3D QSAR in Drug Design" series, this work aims to review CoMFA and other 3D QSAR approaches. It presents a coverage of the developments in various fields of 3D QSAR. Meer

€ 296,95


Tom Clancy
9780425183007 | Engels | Boek | 2002
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€ 9,95