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Oxford Handbook Of Oncology

9780199689842 | Engels | Deelboek | 2015
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

This practical guide to clinical consultation in oncology has been extensively revised and updated. It reflects recent advances in oncology with particular emphasis on new therapies and the emergence... Meer

€ 50,50

Oxford Handbook Of Anaesthesia

9780198719410 | Engels | Deelboek | 2015
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

This bestselling handbook continues to provide state-of-the-art information on anaesthetic practice.. Concise, practical, and easy-to-use, this fourth edition now includes a brand new chapter on obesi... Meer

€ 54,50

Oxford Handbook Of Psychiatry

9780199693887 | Engels | Deelboek | 2013
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

This handbook provides detailed and comprehensive coverage of clinical psychiatry. With its practical hands-on advice, it is an indispensable companion for psychiatric trainees, medical students and t... Meer

€ 54,95

Oxford Handbook Of Ophthalmology

9780198804550 | Engels | Deelboek | 2018
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

This handbook offers a systematic summary of ophthalmic disease directed towards diagnosis, interim assessment and ongoing management. Now including an extensive online image bank the fourth edition p... Meer

€ 49,50

Oxford Manual Of Major Incident Management

Paul (consultant And Senior Lecturer In Emergency Medicine Hunt & Ian (academic Department Of Emergency Medicine Greaves
9780199238088 | Engels | Deelboek | 2017
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Written by experts, this title brings together and integrates the key facts involved in major incident planning and response. It serves as an authoritative quick reference guide in a user-friendly and... Meer

€ 44,50

Oxford Handbook Of Dialysis

Jeremy Levy, Edwina A. Brown & Anastasia Lawrence
9780199644766 | Engels | Deelboek | 2016
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

The revised fourth edition of this comprehensive handbook continues to provide a reliable, compact guide to all aspects of dialysis, incorporating best practice guidelines and including the most to up... Meer

€ 41,95

Oxford Handbook Of Clinical Haematology

Drew Provan, Trevor Baglin, Inderjeet Dokal & Johannes De Vos
9780199683307 | Engels | Deelboek | 2015
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

This handbook continues to provide the core knowledge needed in clinical practice for the diagnosis and management of patients with disorders of the blood. Major advances in the specialty have been re... Meer

€ 44,50

Oxford Handbook Of Urology

John (consultant Urological Surgeon Reynard, Simon (consultant Urological Surgeon Brewster & Suzanne Biers
9780199696130 | Engels | Deelboek | 2013
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Fully revised for the third edition, the Oxford Handbook of Urology provides an excellent, informative and comprehensive overview of the entire spectrum of urology. Meer

€ 44,50

Oxford Handbook Of Obstetrics And Gynaecology

9780199698400 | Engels | Deelboek | 2013
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

This third edition of the highly-regarded handbook in obstetrics and gynaecology serves as a practical guide for diagnosing and managing common problems and emergencies. It is essential for everyone w... Meer

€ 44,50

Oxford Handbook Of Critical Care

Mervyn Singer & Andrew Webb
9780199235339 | Engels | Deelboek | 2009
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Patient-centred and practical, the Oxford Handbook of Critical Care third edition serves the consultant, trainee, nurse, and other allied health professionals as both a reference and aide memoir. This... Meer

€ 41,95

Oxford Handbook Of Palliative Care

Max Watson, Caroline Lucas, Andrew Hoy & Jo Wells
9780199234356 | Engels | Deelboek | 2009
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Revised throughout with an additional emphasis on nursing care, this handbook is a concise and authoritative guide to modern palliative care. An ideal resource for the busy professional management of... Meer

€ 41,95

Heart Disease In Pregnancy

Dawn Adamson, Mandish Dhanjal & Catherine Nelson-piercy
9780199574308 | Engels | Deelboek | 2011
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

A practical manual to aid the management of women with heart disease who are pregnant or who are considering pregnancy, Heart Disease in Pregnancy also provides an introduction to the physiological ch... Meer

€ 50,95

Day Case Surgery

9780199584338 | Engels | Deelboek | 2011
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Over the past decade, the percentage of elective surgical procedures performed on a day case basis has increased from 55% to over 70%. This concise handbook provides the practising day surgery profess... Meer

€ 58,50

Emergencies In Children's And Young People's Nursing

9780199547197 | Engels | Deelboek | 2011
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Emergencies in Children's and Young People's Nursing is a one-stop quick reference for children's and young people's nurses providing emergency care in the acute hospital setting. Meer

€ 28,95

Oxford Handbook Of Clinical Rehabilitation

Michael Barnes, Anthony Ward, Sarah E. Ryan & Sandra Stark
9780199550524 | Engels | Deelboek | 2009
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Rehabilitation second edition is a comprehensive text that not only summarises the management of common symptoms and disorders but also outlines the increasing evidence... Meer

€ 41,95