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Glaze Book

Stephen Murfitt
9780500510438 | Engels | Ringband | 2002
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A reference for all ceramic artists and designers, packed with information and glaze recipes. Each of the glazes is reproduced pictorially so that readers can see the colour and surface responses it h... Meer

€ 29,95

Wireworkers Companion

Jane Dickerson
9781596687196 | Engels | Ringband | 2013
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A welcome addition to a best-selling series, The Wireworker's Companion is a complete resource for wireworking techniques. Masters Denise Peck and Jane Dickerson act as your trusty guides, providing a... Meer

€ 19,95

Hot And Cold Connections For Jewellers

Tim Mccreight
9780713687583 | Engels | Ringband | 2007
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A bench reference book for all jewellers, discussing the various ways of joining parts. Including: cold connections (staples, rivets etc.), hot connections (soldering, brazing and welding), and adhesi... Meer

€ 33,50

Handbook Of Arts And Crafts

Willard F. Wankelman, Philip R. Wigg & Jean Hasselschwert
9780072317275 | Engels | Ringband | 2000
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Offers illustrated guidelines to elementary classroom art activities. Designed to provide a reference and resource manual for elementary teachers, this handbook gives teachers the background, context,... Meer

€ 147,50

Basic Pottery Making

9780811735315 | Engels | Ringband | 2009
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€ 18,50

Basic Mosaics

9780811736121 | Engels | Ringband | 2010
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Make mosaic frames, decorative panels, tabletops, shelves, switch plates, pavers, bird houses, and more. A creative way to remake and reuse household items. Includes a gallery of colorful finished pie... Meer

€ 21,50