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Chair Yoga Dvd

Edeltraud Rohnfeld
9781848191846 | Engels | DVD Video | 2013
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With voiceover instructions and onscreen demonstrations, this DVD guides the viewer through two 40-minute chair yoga routines, which can be practiced by virtually anyone to stimulate physical and ment... Meer

€ 19,95

Children Experiencing Fear And Anxiety

Bonnie Zucker
9781433829994 | Engels | DVD Video | 2019
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It is important to equip children in therapy with tools and strategies to effectively handle stressful situations and learn how to face their fears. In this video, Dr Bonnie Zucker works with a young... Meer

€ 195,95

Piccolo (tm) Training Dvd

Lori A. Roggman, Gina A. Cook, Mark S. Innocenti & Vonda Jump Norman
9781598573046 | Engels | DVD Video | 2013
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Essential for programmes using the PICCOLO (TM), this training DVD includes a 64-minute narrated presentation and 14 invaluable DVD clips of parent-child interactions to help users practice observing... Meer

€ 271,95

Davis's Nursing Skills Videos 2016

Judith M. Wilkinson
9780803640146 | Engels | DVD Video | 2015
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€ 263,50


Judith M. Wilkinson
9780803624030 | Engels | DVD Video | 2010
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€ 130,95

Davis's Nursing Skills Videos For Lpn/lvn

F.a. Davis
9780803641327 | Engels | DVD Video | 2015
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Expert nurses show you exactly how to perform the nursing fundamentals skills and procedures you need to master. Filmed in an actual clinical setting, each video demonstrates every step in the procedu... Meer

€ 88,95

Interpersonal Skills For Healthcare Providers

Cynthia Diefenbeck, Betty Paulanka & Kyle Phillips
9780803624924 | Engels | DVD Video | 2011
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Help your students develop the interpersonal communication skills essential to professional success. This innovative collection of videos demonstrates 10 core interpersonal communication skills and th... Meer

€ 137,95

Dialectical Behavior Therapy For Adolescents With Multiple Problems

9781433801211 | Engels | DVD Video | 2007
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Alec L. Miller demonstrates this compassionate, principle-based therapy for clients who have difficulty regulating emotions and behaviours. In this session, Miller works with a 17-year-old boy who is... Meer

€ 130,50