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Natural Resources Management

9781522508038 | Engels | Overig | 2016
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Examines the importance of land, soil, water, foliage, and wildlife conservation efforts and management. Focusing on sustainability solutions and methods for preserving the natural environment, this c... Meer

€ 1.951,50

Write My Face

Kathy Sutcliffe
9781922120014 | Overig | 2012
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€ 21,50

Systemic Development

9780981703275 | Overig | 2009
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€ 74,95

Issues In Environmental Science And Technology Series Set

9781782625742 | Engels | Overig | 2015
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This Series tackles topical environmental issues. Two new volumes are published each year and the Series is available through subscription as well as individual purchase. Meer

€ 1.540,95

Advanced Environmental Analysis

9781782629078 | Engels | Overig | 2016
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Bridging a gap in the literature, these books uniquely bring together state-of-the-art research in the applications of novel nanomaterials to each of the classical components of environmental analysis... Meer

€ 401,95

Membrane Engineering For The Treatment Of Gases

9781782628965 | Engels | Overig | 2017
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Elaborating on recent and future developments in the field of membrane engineering, this two-volume set forms an innovative reference work on membrane engineering and technology in the field of gas se... Meer

€ 334,95

Ofdm And Mc-cdma For Broadband Multi-user Communications, Wlans And Broadcasting

Lajos L. Hanzo, M. Munster, Byungcho Choi & Thomas Keller
9780470861813 | Engels | Overig | 2012
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Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) is a method of digital modulation in which a signal is split into several narrowband channels at different frequencies. CDMA is a form of multiplexing... Meer

€ 192,95

Agricultural Issues

9781849739276 | Engels | Overig | 2013
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World trade in agriculture is an emotive subject that often provokes heated debate. Titles in this set examine sustainability, environmental impact and security and will be essential reading for anyon... Meer

€ 266,50

Sustainable Catalysis

9781782620570 | Engels | Overig | 2015
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Focussing on catalysis without metals or other endangered elements, this book is an important reference for researchers working in catalysis and green chemistry. Meer

€ 401,95

Tropical Forest Conservation And Industry Partnership

9781119968238 | Engels | Overig | 2012
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Historically, the conservation of forests and wildlife has focused on the creation of national parks and reserves. However, only 9% of protected areas are larger than 14,000 hectares, likely making th... Meer

€ 120,50

Chemical Engineering Bundle

Carl R. Branan, Brian D. Hahn & Daniel Valentine
9781856176583 | Engels | Overig | 2008
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Contains two titles that include "Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers, 4e", which is a handbook for chemical and process engineers, and "Essential Matlab for Engineers and Scientists, 3e", which is... Meer

€ 110,95

Green Chemistry Series Set

9781782625902 | Engels | Overig | 2015
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An authoritative and definitive collection of books for graduate and postgraduate students and researchers of cutting-edge green chemistry. Meer

€ 4.689,95

Energy Issues

9781849739306 | Engels | Overig | 2013
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Energy generation has made direct and indirect impacts on the environment. Titles in this set examine the environmental issues surrounding this, and how new technologies seek to mitigate these. Meer

€ 240,95

Water Scientists' Package

9781782624400 | Engels | Overig | 2015
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A unique collection of best selling water related titles carefully selected to provide an up-to-date resource suitable for anyone with a thirst for water science. Meer

€ 649,95