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Mindfulness & The Art Of Drawing Pack

Wendy Ann Greenhalgh
9781782409465 | Engels | Afwijkend boekformaat | 2019
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Mindfulness & the Art of Drawing explores how the simple act of putting pen to paper creates a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us. Meer

€ 19,95

Colour Your Day

Marcel Flier
9780857216960 | Engels | Afwijkend boekformaat | 2015
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32 wonderful pages of illustrations for you to make your own. Includes a calendar. Meer

€ 6,50


Tony Allan
9781906787028 | Engels | Afwijkend boekformaat | 2009
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Offers an overview of the phenomenon of prophecy in the last 4,000 years of world history, from diviners consulted by Chinese emperors in the earliest civilizations to modern visions of catastrophe. T... Meer

€ 14,50

Mindfulness And The Natural World Pack

Claire Thompson
9781782409472 | Engels | Afwijkend boekformaat | 2020
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Mindfulness & the Natural World reveals how a deeper awareness of the natural world is key to inspiring us to care about and protect nature, and developing a more sustainable world. Meer

€ 19,95

Mind, Body Spirit Miscellany

Jane Alexander
9781844838318 | Engels | Afwijkend boekformaat | 2009
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Suitable for those who are drawn to the mysteries of the mind, body and spirit, this title contains fascinations, facts, truths and insights for the open-minded reader to dip into and explore. It prov... Meer

€ 15,95