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Woody krijtkaart XL

8436563401749 | Nederlands | Overig
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€ 34,90

Mijn recepten - Doos met kaarten

9789044756067 | Nederlands | Overig | 2020
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Verzamel op de stijlvolle kaartjes in deze prachtige doos al je favoriete recepten en culinaire vondsten, van familieklassiekers tot snelle, gezonde recepten die je online vond. Door de eenvoudige ind... Meer

€ 24,95

Een nieuwe aarde

Eckhart Tolle
9789020212761 | Nederlands | Overig | 2016
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De bestseller van Eckhart Tolle, Een nieuwe aarde, nu in een kaartenbox: een prachtig cadeau voor jezelf of een dierbare. De 52 kaarten vol inspiratie en verdieping zijn een aanvulling of introductie... Meer

€ 20,00

Kinderyoga avonturen box

Helen Purperhart
9789020214123 | Nederlands | Overig | 2017
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De Kinderyoga Avonturen Box is een geweldige kennismaking met de succesvolle kaartenboxen van Helen Purperhart. Deze bekende kinderyogadocente maakte al vele kaartenboxen met verschillende thema's. Vo... Meer

€ 20,00

Poëzieplacemats Plint

Lévi Weemoedt, Gil vander Heyden, C. Buddingh', Kreek Daey Ouwens, Fetze Pijlman, Leonard Nolens, Paul van Ostaijen, K. Schippers, Willem Hussem, Bert Schierbeek, Simon van der Geest, Anne Vollaard, A. Marja, Leví Weemoedt, Hanny Michaelis, Kees Hermis, Roland Jooris, Maria Barnas, André Sollie, Annie M.G. Schmidt & Loes Marijnissen
9789059304079 | Nederlands | Overig | 2010
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Voor een fijn ontbijt, even een boterhammetje tussendoor of snel tafeldekken zijn deze poëzieplacemats heel geschikt. Je hebt de tafel in een handomdraai poëtisch gedekt! Het blok bevat 20 verschillen... Meer

€ 23,50

Pakket Basford - Verborgen Oceaan + Magie van de Jungle

Johanna Basford
9789043919524 | Nederlands | Overig | 2017
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€ 21,98

A Midwest Gardener's Cookbook

Towne, Marian Kleinsasser
9780253210562 | Nederlands | Overig | 1996
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Contains recipes for 94 different fruits, vegetables, and herbs (including such wild crops as mulberries, pawpaws, and violets), locally grown and used at their peak of flavor and freshness. This book... Meer

€ 24,95

Surfaces for Stitch

Hedley, Gwen
9780713489071 | Nederlands | Overig | 2004
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This is a book for embroiderers who are interested in developing new and exciting surfaces for stitch. In eight main sections, materials such as polythene and cellophane, as well as fibrous films, adh... Meer

€ 23,95

Course Companion for BHS Stage Two

Cave, Maxine
9780851317663 | Nederlands | Overig | 2000
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Covers the horse care and knowledge elements of the BHS Stage Two examination along with some subject matter which leads on to BHS Stage Three. Here, each chapter contains suggestions for practical fo... Meer

€ 23,95

Crescent Rivers

Bertolaet, Todd
9780813016146 | Nederlands | Overig | 1999
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The Big Bend is a crescent-shaped coastline where the peninsula of Florida merges with the southeastern states. This book provides images of this region, capturing such subjects as blackwater rivers,... Meer

€ 29,95

Power to the People

Green, Martin A.
9780868405544 | Nederlands | Overig | 2000
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Green (photovoltaic research, U. of New South Wales) presents an overview of the present state of solar power. He notes that global warming is making the alternative more attractive, especially in Aus... Meer

€ 26,95

Across the Great Border Fault

Dann, Kevin T.
9780813527901 | Nederlands | Overig | 2000
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In recent years, environmental historians have begun to question the cultural values underlying our view of nature. Drawing on environmental science, history of science and cultural history, this book... Meer

€ 45,95

Threading Time

Bausum, Dolores
9780875652412 | Nederlands | Overig | 2001
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In a survey taken primarily from literary sources, this volume reveals the link between the human spirit and the art of connecting threads. It discusses tapestries, manuscripts, novels, poetry and mor... Meer

€ 40,95

Writing the Dark Side of Travel

9780857453419 | Nederlands | Overig | 2012
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The travel experience filled with personal trauma; the pilgrimage through a war-torn place; the journey with those suffering: these represent the darker sides of travel. What is their allure and how a... Meer

€ 26,95

Early Pottery in the Southeast

Sassaman, Kenneth E.
9780817306700 | Nederlands | Overig | 1993
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Among Southeastern Indians, pottery was an innovation that enhanced the economic value of native foods and the efficiency of food preparation, but it took nearly two millennia to be adopted. This book... Meer

€ 34,95

North Yorkshire Railway Stations

Tuffrey, Peter
9781445605036 | Nederlands | Overig | 2011
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

A lavishly illustrated book looking at the history of rail travel in North Yorkshire, affectionately evoking a bygone age. Meer

€ 21,95

The Whaling Season

Mulvaney, Kieran
9781559639781 | Nederlands | Overig | 2003
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A behind-the-scenes look at the hazards and triumphs of life as an environmental activist on the high seas. Author Kieran Mulvaney explores the larger struggles underlying his expeditions to Antarctic... Meer

€ 32,95

Plague of Rats and Rubbervines

Baskin, Yvonne
9781559630511 | Nederlands | Overig | 2003
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Science writer Yvonne Baskin provides an overview of the problem of harmful invasive alien species. She takes the reader on a worldwide tour of grasslands, gardens, waterways and forests, describing t... Meer

€ 24,95

Measures of Success

Margoluis, Richard & Salafsky, Nick
9781559636124 | Nederlands | Overig | 1998
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

This is a practical, hands-on-guide to community-oriented conservation and development projects that presents a simple yet comprehensive approach to improving the focus, effectiveness, and efficiency... Meer

€ 45,95

Special Family Knits

Bliss, Debbie
9781843405450 | Nederlands | Overig | 2009
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'Special Family Knits' is a heartwarming collection of hand-knit designs that celebrate making time for family and friends Meer

€ 20,95