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Mijn recepten - Doos met kaarten

9789044756067 | Nederlands | Overig | 2020
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Verzamel op de stijlvolle kaartjes in deze prachtige doos al je favoriete recepten en culinaire vondsten, van familieklassiekers tot snelle, gezonde recepten die je online vond. Door de eenvoudige ind... Meer

€ 24,95

Poëzieplacemats Plint

Lévi Weemoedt, Gil vander Heyden, C. Buddingh', Kreek Daey Ouwens, Fetze Pijlman, Leonard Nolens, Paul van Ostaijen, K. Schippers, Willem Hussem, Bert Schierbeek, Simon van der Geest, Anne Vollaard, A. Marja, Leví Weemoedt, Hanny Michaelis, Kees Hermis, Roland Jooris, Maria Barnas, André Sollie, Annie M.G. Schmidt & Loes Marijnissen
9789059304079 | Nederlands | Overig | 2010
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Voor een fijn ontbijt, even een boterhammetje tussendoor of snel tafeldekken zijn deze poëzieplacemats heel geschikt. Je hebt de tafel in een handomdraai poëtisch gedekt! Het blok bevat 20 verschillen... Meer

€ 23,50

A Midwest Gardener's Cookbook

Towne, Marian Kleinsasser
9780253210562 | Nederlands | Overig | 1996
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Contains recipes for 94 different fruits, vegetables, and herbs (including such wild crops as mulberries, pawpaws, and violets), locally grown and used at their peak of flavor and freshness. This book... Meer

€ 24,95

Surfaces for Stitch

Hedley, Gwen
9780713489071 | Nederlands | Overig | 2004
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This is a book for embroiderers who are interested in developing new and exciting surfaces for stitch. In eight main sections, materials such as polythene and cellophane, as well as fibrous films, adh... Meer

€ 23,95

North Yorkshire Railway Stations

Tuffrey, Peter
9781445605036 | Nederlands | Overig | 2011
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A lavishly illustrated book looking at the history of rail travel in North Yorkshire, affectionately evoking a bygone age. Meer

€ 21,95

Special Family Knits

Bliss, Debbie
9781843405450 | Nederlands | Overig | 2009
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'Special Family Knits' is a heartwarming collection of hand-knit designs that celebrate making time for family and friends Meer

€ 20,95

How to Look Pretty Not Plastered

Rose, Rose Emily
9781845284756 | Nederlands | Overig | 2011
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This title contains step-by-step photographs showing how to apply make-up for different occasions, including proms and parties. It aims to re-educate teenagers and young adults on how to choose, use a... Meer

€ 20,95

Start and Run a Greeting Cards Business

White, Elizabeth
9781845284152 | Nederlands | Overig | 2010
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Making and selling greeting cards is a brilliant way to for a creative person to start a business, and it doesn't require tons of up-front capital! Covering everything from writing a business plan and... Meer

€ 24,95


Baker, Michael H C
9781858952666 | Nederlands | Overig | 2010
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Back in 1985 the first 'British Railways Past and Present' was published, it has only taken 25 years for us to start the same treatment for Britain's road transport scene. There is perhaps no better p... Meer

€ 24,95

Railway Conquest of the World

Talbot, Frederick A.
9781445652214 | Nederlands | Overig | 2015
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Frederick A. Talbot tells the story of the most famous railways in the world. Meer

€ 20,95

Cool Layer Cakes

Olofson, Ceri
9781845435233 | Nederlands | Overig | 2014
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Cool Layer Cakes is the perfect book to inspire and encourage keen amateur and professional bakers alike to take layer cakes to new heights and to inject a little bit of personality into their creatio... Meer

€ 20,95

Optimum Health the Paleo Way

Yates, Claire
9781921966262 | Nederlands | Overig | 2013
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Paleo expert Claire Yates sets out how the Paleo lifestyle can help to improve and maintain health. She includes a 28-day reset plan and over 100 delicious recipes that will get you feeling great whil... Meer

€ 25,95

Learn to Knit, Love to Knit

Wilkinson, Anna
9781849491617 | Nederlands | Overig | 2012
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In her debut book - Learn to Knit, Love to Knit - Anna Wilkinson has put together a collection of 20 contemporary garments and accessories that not only teach you the basics of the craft but also give... Meer

€ 22,95

The Vegetarian's Complete Quinoa Cookbook

9781770500976 | Nederlands | Overig | 2012
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Quinoa. Healthy, tasty, versatile-a plant that's a complete protein source-what more can vegetarians-anyone, really-ask for in a food? This book, with over 150 quinoa recipes, shows how to enjoy this... Meer

€ 31,95


Kidston, Cath
9781844005840 | Nederlands | Overig | 2008
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Helps Cath Kidston fans to make their own projects and gifts using Cath's own motifs. This book is divided into chapters on different techniques - stencilling, applique, embroidery and patchwork. It i... Meer

€ 24,95

Preserved Steam Britain's Heritage Railways

Swaine, Geoff
9781445639451 | Nederlands | Overig | 2014
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Geoff Swaine's superb photography captures the very best of Britain's preserved steam in action at locations throughout the country. Meer

€ 22,95

British Food

Spencer, Colin
9781908117038 | Nederlands | Overig | 2011
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This a revised and updated edition of an award-winning book, recognised as THE authoritative work on the subject of British food. It is a breath-taking attempt to trace the changes to and influences o... Meer

€ 31,95

Japanese Kitchen

Barber, Kimiko
9781856269704 | Nederlands | Overig | 2010
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Offers insight into the exquisite cuisine of Japan. This book presents 100 ingredients, from the more familiar, such as soba (noodles) to the more unusual umeboshi (pickled plum). It includes 200 reci... Meer

€ 24,95

The Times Winning Moves

Jacobs, Byron & Keene, Ray
9781857443387 | Nederlands | Overig | 2004
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A collection of fairly straightforward chess puzzles which will appeal to chess enthusiasts. Meer

€ 20,95

The Four Knights

Pinski, Jan
9781857443110 | Nederlands | Overig | 2003
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In this book, International Master Jan Pinski delves into the secrets of the Four Knights for the first time, studying the tactical and strategic ideas for both white and black players. Meer

€ 26,95