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Fabien van der Ham
9789081971706 | Nederlands | Kaartspel | 2012
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Het is leuk en belangrijk om met kinderen te praten. Dus stel je vragen als 'hoe was het op school vandaag?' of 'wat heb je dit weekend gedaan?'. Helaas blijken deze lang niet altijd prikkelend genoeg... Meer

€ 10,95

New Grade 9-1 Gcse Geography Aqa Revision Question Cards

Cgp Books
9781789082784 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2019
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New Grade 9-1 GCSE Geography AQA Revision Question Cards Meer

€ 11,95

Decisions / Personal Safety - Outdoors: Colorcards

9781909301276 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2014
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Presents a set of cards that features 36 different situations and dilemmas including: cycling on the road without a helmet and listening to music; picking up hitch hikers/being a hitch hiker; using a... Meer

€ 67,50

Feelings: Colorcards

9780863886942 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2009
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Designed to help develop both language and social skills, this title includes real objects, people, situations and activities that are shown on the photographs to provide you with creative and highly... Meer

€ 78,95

100 kleurrijke deugden inzichtkaarten

Annelies Wiersma
9789492094070 | Nederlands | Kaartspel | 2016
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Een zeer complete en eigentijdse deugdenkaartenset die je altijd en overal bij kunt gebruiken. Nieuw: met 20 nieuwe deugden en een bonuskaart.EERLIJKHEID, GEDULD, BETROUWBAARHEID. Op deze deugdenkaart... Meer

€ 37,50

Ballots for Belva:The True Story of a Woman's Race for the Presid

Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
9781419716270 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2015
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Recounts the life and accomplishments of Belva Lockwood, the first woman to practice law before the Supreme Court and to officially run for the presidency of the United States in 1884 and 1888 Meer

€ 9,95

Hog Cards

John Griffiths
9781904424338 | Engels | Kaartspel | 1900
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Hog Cards are an innovative and practical kinaesthetic approach to teaching. The first in the series, "Geography Hog Cards or Geog Hogs", provides meaningful and pacey learning to improve teaching and... Meer

€ 11,95

Little People Big Dreams Learning Cards

Isabel Sanchez Vegara
9781631065859 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2018
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Little People Big Dreams Learning Cards contains stylish learning cards full of information of the women featured in the international best-selling series. Meer

€ 15,95

How Do I...date

Alison Roberts
9780863888243 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2011
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€ 44,95

Life Times: Colorcards

9780863887949 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2011
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Includes 48 photographic cards that depict life during 1938-1945 when the world was at war and daily experiences were defined by that event. This title features cards that include image relating to an... Meer

€ 64,50

What If Philosophical Question Cards

Pauline Purcell
9780863887710 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2010
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Includes 52 question cards for philosophical discussion. This title introduces philosophical scenarios for group discussion, which stimulate debate and elicit interesting opinions and perspectives fro... Meer

€ 59,50

Emotional Intelligence (ei) Games

Betty Rudd
9780863887192 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2008
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Helps to improve emotional intelligence in 10 key areas. This title enables children aged 8 to 11 increase their emotional intelligence in 10 key areas: anger management; communication; problem solvin... Meer

€ 86,95

Maritcha:A Nineteenth-Century American Girl

Tonya Bolden
9781419716263 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2015
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Based on an actual memoir written by Maritcha Remond Lyons, who was born and raised in New York City, this poignant story tells what it was like to be a black child born free during the days of slaver... Meer

€ 9,95

Cards For Life

Simon Blake
9781904787594 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2005
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This creative, colourful and fun card game features 40 scenarios to help adults and young people discuss moral issues and dilemmas. The resource covers topics including: health and emotional well-bein... Meer

€ 30,95

Study Card For World History

9780321292346 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2004
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€ 10,50