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Ted Hughes Dreamtime

9780907633563 | Engels | DVD Video | 2015
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Ted Hughes was one of the major poets of his generation. His older brother Gerald Hughes wrote a memoir of their relationship called Ted and I. This DVD is a one hour film based on that book. Meer

€ 14,50

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Video Study

Nabeel Qureshi
9780310520429 | Engels | DVD Video | 2016
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In Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Video Study, author and former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi introduces viewers to effective strategies for engaging Muslims in spiritual discussions. Meer

€ 33,50

Poetry & Jazz

9780907633570 | Engels | DVD Video | 2014
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This is the special 50th Anniversary DVD of the poetry and jazz concert at Hampstead Town Hall in 1961, arranged by the poet and publisher Jeremy. Meer

€ 14,50

Vintage Bo

Triumph Books
9781600780066 | Engels | DVD Video | 2006
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€ 19,95

Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous With Destiny

9781596982017 | Engels | DVD Video | 2011
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€ 21,50

Introducing Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch
9781401925857 | Engels | DVD Video | 2009
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It was a dark night of the soul. The end of the line. The author had hit rock bottom. He had a broken neck and was destitute. Angriness and bitterness haunted him. Late one particularly black night, h... Meer

€ 19,95