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Prologue And The Physicians Tale

Geoffrey Chaucer
9789626344002 | Ongerubriceerde taal | Audio-CD | 2006
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Features two sections from Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" presented in Old English in performances by the actor Richard Bebb and advised by the leading scholar on Chaucerian pronunciation, Professor Der... Meer

€ 14,50

Selections From The Faerie Queene

Edmund Spenser
9789626343777 | Ongerubriceerde taal | Audio-CD | 2006
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Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth I, "The Faerie Queene" combines dramatic narratives of adventure with episodes of pageantry. At the same time, the poet, Spenser is expounding between Truth and Error. Meer

€ 18,50

Waiting For Godot

S. Beckett
9789626344026 | Ongerubriceerde taal | Audio-CD | 2006
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John Tydeman, for many years head of BBC Radio Drama, takes a fresh look at one of the milestones in Western drama. This title follows the acclaimed recordings of Beckett's Trilogy, "Molloy", "Malone... Meer

€ 14,50

Life And Poetry Of W.b.yeats

John Kavanagh
9789626342640 | Ongerubriceerde taal | Audio-CD | 2004
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William Butler Yeats was a poet, playwright, essayist, politician, occultist, astrologer, founder of a national theatre, correspondent, lover, husband and father. This work presents his major poems in... Meer

€ 14,50

Great Historical Shakespeare Recordings

William Shakespeare
9789626342008 | Ongerubriceerde taal | Audio-CD | 2000
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These CDs contain some great historical recordings of actors from the beginning of the recording era. CD one includes historic performances by Ainley, John Barrymore, John Gielgud and Laurence Olivier... Meer

€ 14,50