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Ancient Worlds

Michael Scott
9780099592082 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2017
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Challenges our traditionally western-focused perception of the past, connecting Greco-Roman civilisation to the great rulers and empires that swept across Central Asia to India and China - resulting i... Meer

€ 13,95

Caught In The Revolution

Helen Rappaport
9780099592426 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2017
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Between the first revolution in February 1917, and Lenin's Bolshevik coup in October, Petrograd was in turmoil. Foreign visitors who filled hotels, bars and embassies were acutely aware of the chaos b... Meer

€ 15,95

Golden Age Of Maritime Maps

Catherine Hofmann, Helene Richard & Emmanuelle Vagnon
9781770852389 | Engels | Hardback / gebonden | 2013
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

A full colour illustrated history of maritime charts from the 12th to the 18th century which were both navigational aids and symbols of economic and political influence. Meer

€ 44,50

Building Bodies: Transnational Historical Approaches to Sport, gender and Ethnicities

9789087047566 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2019
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Women are on the move. Traditionally, sport has been a masculine domain, dominated by men and capacities that have culturally been ascribed to men. But this is changing as women’s participation in spo... Meer

€ 23,00

Short History Of Western Legal Theory

J. M. (late Professor Of Jurisprudence And Roman Law Kelly
9780198762430 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 1992
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

This unique publication outlines the development of legal theory from pre-Roman times to the twentieth century, relating the evolution of legal theory to parallel developments in political theory and... Meer

€ 60,50

American Slavery: A Very Short Introduction

Heather Andrea (associate Professor Of History Williams
9780199922680 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2014
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

A concise history of slavery in America, including the daily life of American slaves, the laws that sought to legitimize white supremacy, the anti-slavery movement, and the abolition of slavery Meer

€ 10,50

Soviet Experiment

Ronald Suny
9780195340556 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2010
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Now thoroughly revised in its second edition, The Soviet Experiment examines the complex themes of Soviet history, ranging from the last tsar of the Russian empire to the first president of the Russia... Meer

€ 66,95

Radicalism Of The American Revolu

Gordon S. Wood
9780679736882 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 1993
  • Voorraad status ophalen...
€ 18,50

Idea Of A Party System

Richard Hofstadter
9780520017542 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 1992
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Traces the historical processes in thought by which American political leaders slowly edged away from their complete philosophical rejection of a party and hesitantly began to embrace a party system.... Meer

€ 33,50

Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll in the Dutch Golden Age

Benjamin B. Roberts
9789462983021 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2017
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll in the Dutch Golden Age focuses on the generation of rich young men that grew up in the seventeenth century in the Dutch Republic. These men had more money to spend on clo... Meer

€ 15,99

Make Your City

Eva de Klerk, Carolien Feldbrugge & Joost Zonneveld
9789492095411 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2017
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Make Your City geeft een fascinerend beeld van twintig jaar pionieren in de stad, aangevuld met de lessen die daaruit te trekken zijn. In 1999 trok een bont gezelschap van skateboarders tot theatermak... Meer

€ 22,50

Prelude to Colonialism

J. van Goor
9789065508065 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid
  • Voorraad status ophalen...
€ 19,00

Surf & Stay

Veerle Helsen
9789401449069 | Engels | Hardback / gebonden | 2018
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Lifestyle journalist Veerle Helsen went 'out-of-office' for six months, bought an old camper and travelled by herself along the Spanish and Portuguese coastline. Ever true to her motto "surf, see, sle... Meer

€ 35,99

Multiple choice identity

Wim Kratsborn
9789079679546 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2017
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

' 'Het boek dat geschreven moest worden' Inspiratiebron 'Vraag niet naar de weg want iedereen is de weg kwijt', zingt Frank Boeijen. In deze complexe en turbulente wereld is inzicht en overzicht, kenn... Meer

€ 29,95

'The Eurasian Question'

Liesbeth Rosen Jacobson
9789087047313 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2018
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

‘Within the borders of these isles shall remain a race one calls Indo. Neither white, nor brown.’ This ‘Indo’ was part of the Indo-Europeans, a group of mixed indigenous and European ancestry, from th... Meer

€ 29,00

Gendered food practices from seed to waste

9789087046262 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2016
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

In nearly all societies gender has been, and continues to be, central in defining roles and responsibilities related to the production, manufacturing, provisioning, eating, and disposal of food. The 2... Meer

€ 23,00

Kiliaen van Rensselaer (1586-1643)

Janny Venema
9789087041960 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2010
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Around 1600 the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands was in the middle of a war with Spain that would last for eighty years (1568-1648). Thousands of immigrants came to Amsterdam and greatly influ... Meer

€ 39,00

Ethics the art of living well

D.V. Coornhert
9789087045166 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2015
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Ethics, published (anonymously) by Coornhert in 1586, is a remarkable publication for a number of reasons: it is the first work on ethics written in a European vernacular; it is a mature work, appeari... Meer

€ 49,00

Sparks of Reason

Ruben Buys
9789087045159 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2015
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Throughout the late Middle Ages and the early modern period, the Low Countries were home to a vibrant tradition of lay philosophy in Dutch. Sparks of Reason takes a detailed look at this philosophical... Meer

€ 35,00

Gender and genes

9789087043940 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2013
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

This Yearbook of Women's History (Jaarboek voor Vrouwengeschiedenis) is dedicated to Gender and Genes. Intruding upon our everyday lives, the world of DNA, genes and genomics has become a challenging... Meer

€ 20,00