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Solutions Manual For Guide To Energy Management, International Version, Eighth Edition

9781498779890 | Engels | Overig | 1900
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€ 98,50

Asm Speciality Handbook

9780871705969 | Nederlands | Overig | 1997
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Covers the complete spectrum of technology dealing with heat-resistant materials, including high-temperature characteristics, effects of processing and microstructure on high-temperature properties, m... Meer

€ 266,95

Understanding Spelling

O'Sullivan, Olivia
9780415419888 | Nederlands | Overig | 2007
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Filled with case studies, photographs and examples of children's work, this book sets out the most effective approaches to spelling and provides teachers with a broad set of principles on which to bas... Meer

€ 24,95

West Point

Crackel, Theodore J.
9780700611607 | Nederlands | Overig | 2002
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This volume celebrates one of America's most prominent establishments. It provides a history of the academy, featuring contemporary research and perspectives. It tells how the institution was created... Meer

€ 33,95

Balancing Act

Kimmins, J. P. & Kimmins, Hamish
9780774805742 | Nederlands | Overig | 1997
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This book is a clarion call for a balanced, objective approach to forestry issues, including clearcutting, slashburning, old growth, and management chemicals. Meer

€ 42,95

Expansive Clay Soils and Vegetative Influence on Shallow Foundations

9780784405925 | Nederlands | Overig | 2001
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Offers a collection of 14 papers, discussing the effects of trees and moisture movements on various lightly loaded foundations on expansive clays. These papers were presented at the Geo-Institute Shal... Meer

€ 35,95

Design Guide for FRP Composite Connections

Mosallam, Ayman S., Ph.D.
9780784406120 | Nederlands | Overig | 2011
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Examines issues related to the analysis and design of composite joints and frame connections manufactured from fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites in general and pultruded (PFRP) composites in p... Meer

€ 158,95

Analysis and Design of Retaining Structures Against Earthquakes

9780784402061 | Nederlands | Overig | 1996
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Contains both invited and contributed papers, which focus on the questions of dynamic earth pressures on fixed and movable rigid and flexible walls; displacements in translation and rotation of walls... Meer

€ 27,95

Car Suspension and Handling

Bastow, Donald, Howard, Geoffrey & Whitehead, John P.
9780768008722 | Nederlands | Overig | 2004
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This 4th Edition outlines the purpose and history of vehicle suspension systems, while defining the basic parameters of suspension geometry. The book also delves into human sensitivity to vibration, a... Meer

€ 61,95

Seismic Screening Checklists for Water and Wastewater Facilities

9780784406588 | Nederlands | Overig | 2002
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Provides checklists to screen for seismically vulnerable water and wastewater facilities. These checklists facilitate seismic vulnerability assessment for water and wastewater system components, and p... Meer

€ 71,95

Selected Papers on Holographic Interferometry

9780819443380 | Nederlands | Overig | 2001
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Applications of holographic interferometry are so vast that they are limited only by the imagination of the researchers. This collection represents a variety of HI applications, from micro-crack detec... Meer

€ 119,95

Copper Interconnect Technology

Steinbruchel, Christoph & Chin, Barry
9780819438973 | Nederlands | Overig | 2000
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A textbook designed to accompany The Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers' short course on improving interconnect performance for increased speed in overall circuit performance authored... Meer

€ 46,95

Optical Communication Receiver Design

Alexander, Stephen B.
9780819420237 | Nederlands | Overig | 1997
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

This text is an overview of design principles for receivers used in optical communication systems. The material is intended for practicing engineers and includes detailed discussions of optical commun... Meer

€ 51,95

Field Guide to Illumination

Arecchi, Angelo V
9780819467683 | Nederlands | Overig | 2007
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Starting with traditional illumination in imaging systems, this title follows the advances in computer-aided design of high efficiency nonimaging illumination optics, along with the modern source mode... Meer

€ 47,95

Fundamentals of Steam Generation Chemistry

Buecker, Brad
9780878147502 | Nederlands | Overig | 2000
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In this work, the author explains: general chemistry; chemistry of natural water supplies; how contaminants enter steam-generating systems; the effects of contaminants within steam-generating units; a... Meer

€ 93,95


Vander Voort, George F.
9780871706720 | Nederlands | Overig | 1999
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Offering a source of information on metallographic techniques and their application to the study of metals, ceramics and polymers, this work has a collection of micrographs and macrographs. Meer

€ 149,95

Light Microscopy of Carbon Steels

Samuels, Leonard E.
9780871706553 | Nederlands | Overig | 1999
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This revised edition of Optical Microscopy of Carbon Steels (1980) replaces optical with light in the title as the now preferred term for a microscopical technique in which light is used as the invest... Meer

€ 196,95

Tool Steels

Roberts, George Adam, Krauss, George & Kennedy, Richard
9780871705990 | Nederlands | Overig | 1998
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Combines a tutorial explanation with a listing of data on the various steels used to make tools. Introduces the various grades in each class of steel in tables on composition, processing, and performa... Meer

€ 225,95

Steel Castings Handbook

9780871705563 | Nederlands | Overig | 1995
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

The latest edition of the handbook providing comprehensive source information, descriptions, physical properties, and design concepts for steel castings. The systematic organization moves from the gen... Meer

€ 224,95

Atlas of Stress Corrosion and Corrosion Fatigue Curves

9780871703743 | Nederlands | Overig | 1990
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Use this new book to find the effects of various corrosive media and processing variables on the stress corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue characteristics of ferrous and nonferrous alloys. There... Meer

€ 199,95