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Become a Better, Empowered Parent! Help Your Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder to Reach Its Full Potential!

Are you raising a child with autism spectrum disorder? You are trying to help, but you are losing the strength? Like everything you do is in vain? This book is here to show you the proper way of handling your child with ADS, to make it easier for you.

With this book in your hands, you will learn a lot of things about individuals with ADS. Why are they like that, how they think and process emotions. With persons like that, everything is different.

Your child has ADS? Don't worry, with proper nurture your child will flourish and blossom into an amazing person. You just need a little bit of guidance there. In this book, you will find professional advice on how to raise a child with ADS. All the different needs it has.
Teaching a child with ADS is a tough job. But they need social and communication skills too. Make it easier for you. Here, you will find guidance to find the easiest way to do that.

Here's what this book can offer you: . Understand the world of persons with ADS! Learn more about people with ADS. How are they thinking, and why are they thinking differently from you. Discover what you can do to make their life easier.
. Guide on helping autistic people! Learn how to recognize and understand the needs of autistic people. Discover the ways to give them proper help. Find out everything you can do from them. From taking care of them to knowing other places you can ask to help you. Like free taxpayer organizations.
. Learning how to teach! Learn the proper approach to teaching persons with ADS. They also need skills in life, and by using the proper way to teach them, they will flourish and blossom into amazing persons.

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    Charlie Creative Lab
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    Oct 2020
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    People & society
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    229 x 152 x 10 mm
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    293 gram
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    Paperback / Sewn
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