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Paperback / Sewn | English
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Learn how Write a Guitar Solo with Deep Purple Legend Steve MorseKnown for his intricate, original solos, innovative guitar techniques and musical versatility across several genres, Steve Morse is undoubtedly a legend of rock guitar. As founder of the Dixie Dregs, guitarist for Flying Colors, and Deep Purple's axe-man for over 25 years, his achievements in rock are unequalled.Now, Steve shares his secrets in the art of guitar soloing in Steve Morse: Melodic Rock Guitar Concepts.It's a phrasing masterclass... but so much more besides!Steve Morse is a storyteller at heart, and when it comes to soloing, he thinks like a composer, which allows him to improvise with breathtaking musicality. This book teaches you to develop the mindset and skillset to play compositional, melodic rock guitar solos. Steve Morse First Teaches You These Guitar Techniques: How to create vocal, melodic phrasingHow to develop motifs to build guitar solos How to use diverse rhythms to create engaging guitar melodiesHow to create well-formed phrases with momentum and directionHow to use space to punctuate ideas and keep your listeners engagedThen Freshens Up Your Playing With These Rut-Busting Approaches:How to combine different rhythms in fast-picked passagesHow to sequence ideas to avoid clichéd patternsHow to add passing notes to create fresh hybrid soloing shapesHow to use string skipping to create modern, unpredictable phrasesHow to use multiple bends to span the bar lineLifting the LidMelodic Rock Guitar Concepts shows you the influences that have shaped Steve's unique guitar style and he shares how he has adapted his favorite country licks into a rock context. You'll discover how Charlie Parker was a great influence, and how to recreate many of Steve's chromatic bebop inspired licks.You'll also learn how Morse visualizes scales and master a set of challenging picking drills to sharpen your technique.To conclude, Steve presents a guitar masterclass on how to create tension/resolution in your solos while adding some outside-inside interest.


  • Publisher
  • Pub date
    Feb 2023
  • Pages
  • Theme
  • Dimensions
    280 x 216 x 6 mm
  • Weight
    247 gram
  • EAN
  • Paperback / Sewn
    Paperback / Sewn
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