The Social, Cultural, and Political Discourses of Autism
The Social, Cultural, and Political Discourses of Autism

The Social, Cultural, and Political Discourses of Autism

Michelle , O'Reilly & Jessica Nina , Lester

Hardback / bound | Engels
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Taking up a social constructionist position, this book illustrates the social and cultural construction of autism as made visible in everyday, educational, institutional and historical discourses, alongside a careful consideration of the bodily and material realities of embodied differences. The authors highlight the economic consequences of a disabling culture, and explore how autism fits within broader arguments related to normality, abnormality and stigma. To do this, they provide a theoretically and historically grounded discussion of autism-one designed to layer and complicate the discussions that surround autism and disability in schools, health clinics, and society writ large. In addition, they locate this discussion across two contexts - the US and the UK - and draw upon empirical examples to illustrate the key points. Located at the intersection of critical disability studies and discourse studies, the book offers a critical reframing of autism and childhood mental health disorders more generally.

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    Education, Equity, Economy
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    Nov 2021
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    Child, developmental and lifespan psychology
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    Hardback / bound
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