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The Democratisation of the European Union

Jaap Hoeksma
9789400112209 | English | E-boek | 2023
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The democratisation of the EU is a fascinating process with an unforeseen outcome: the European Union is emerging as a new kind of international organisation with an equally innovative model of govern More


Walking the extra mile

Rosa Groen
9789051896817 | English | E-boek | 2022
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It is August 26, 2015. A crucial day during the Conference of State Parties in Cancún, Mexico. 67 of the 69 member states of the Arms Trade Treaty vote for a location of the new Secretariat. Three can More


Healthcare fraud, corruption and waste in Europe

9789462745711 | English | E-boek | 2017
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The Constitutional Systems of Central-Eastern, Baltic and Balkan Europe

Angela Di Gregorio
9789462744936 | English | E-boek | 2019
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This volume addresses, in a broad comparative perspective, the constitutional development of the countries of Central-Eastern, Baltic and Balkan Europe. Through an in-depth historical and political an More


Ostrageous: how greed and crime erode professional football and we all look the other way

Hans Nelen
9789400111592 | English | E-boek | 2022
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This book is the result of an analysis and reflection on crime risks and financial criminal activity taking place in European professional football in recent decades. Its main goal is to discuss some More


The Right to Personal Autonomy Regarding Sex, Gender and Sexual Orientation

Pieter Cannoot
9789051899634 | English | E-boek | 2022
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In recent years, the fundamental rights of LGBTIQ+ persons have received increased legal attention at the international and national level. Considerable legal progress has been made in a short period More


Narrating organised crime stories and Aristotelian principles of drama

9789400111561 | English | E-boek | 2022
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This volume contains the contributions of the 21st Cross-Border Crime Colloquium webinar hosted by the Norwegian Police University College, Kongsvinger and organised 22-24 August 2021. Despite the pan More


Outlaw motorcycle gangs in the Meuse Rhine Euregion

Kim C.P. Geurtjens
9789400111554 | English | E-boek | 2022
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Outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCGs) have been increasingly viewed as a threat to society. Members have been associated with disturbances of public order as well as various forms of organized crime. In res More


Violent Encounters

Marieke Liem
9789051898835 | English | E-boek | 2022
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This text was presented as inaugural speech, held on the occasion of accepting the chair of Social Resilience and Security with a study focus on Violence and Interventions at Leiden University on May More


Money is a mind thing

Reinold Widemann
9789464623970 | English | E-boek | 2022
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Money was a mind thing long before certain goods were used as money and coins started circulating. As it happens money isn't a thing, but an idea, an idea of debt. What we generally take for money, ar More


Remaking justice after sexual violence

Kathleen Daly
9789089749840 | English | E-boek | 2022
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What are effective responses to sexual violence? A global social movement is once again challenging sexual violence in all its settings: where we live, work, study, sleep, play, and pray. As more vict More


Remedies for Human Rights Violations by the European Union

Alexis Antoniades
9789051894530 | English | E-boek | 2022
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Where EU action affects the legal or factual situation of an individual, guarantees for the affected person’s rights must exist. If rights have been violated, a remedy must be provided. This book exam More


The Quest for Complex Policy

Hans Joosse
9789051894509 | English | E-boek | 2022
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Governments often present societal problems simpler than they are. In public policy, problems are bound, extracted from their context, and provided with one-dimensional solutions. As demonstrated in t More


The Abstract Police

9789051892086 | English | E-boek | 2022
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Over the past ten to fifteen years the police in many Western European countries have undergone a series of profound organisational changes. The police now appear to operate at a greater distance from More


The Truths of Psychoanalysis

9789461664167 | English | E-boek | 2022
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Truth has always been a central philosophical category, occupying different fields of knowledge and practice. In the current moment of fake news and alternative facts, it is mandatory to revisit the v More


Restorative justice from a children’s rights perspective

9789089749932 | English | E-boek | 2021
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This book addresses the relationship between restorative justice and children’s rights, an issue of increasing relevance to restorative justice theory and practice that has thus far received relativel More


Campaign Finance Law

Orestis Omran
9789089748898 | English | E-boek | 2021
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This book provides a detailed analysis of the different principles that shape the constitutional background of campaign finance law. Through three indicative country specific examples, the author exam More


Arranging Resilience

William Stephens
9789051891744 | English | E-boek | 2021
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Increasingly, teachers, youth workers, and social workers are being called on to ‘build resilience to radicalisation’. But, what does this actually mean? What is resilience to radicalisation, how can More


Meet the Fokkens

Louise Fokkens
9789464248852 | English | E-boek | 2021
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The Fokkens are well-known, both in our own country and internationally. In their previous work we got acquainted with 'the garden gnome', and learned about other exciting details from their sex room. More


Being consequential about restorative justice

Lode Walgrave
9789051891645 | English | E-boek | 2021
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In this anthology, Professor Emeritus Lode Walgrave, a pioneer in the field of juvenile justice and restorative justice, revisits a selection of his publications, going back to the late 1990s to the l More