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The Right to Education and Rights in Education

9789058502384 | Dutch | Paperback / Sewn
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The right to education is clearly articulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and further elaborated in the Convention against Discrimination in Education, and in the International Covena More


Um Guia Abrangente do Direito Internacional dos Valores Mobiliários

Ankit , Singh
9786205140444 | Portuguese | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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Compreender as Leis de Títulos e Investimento não é uma tarefa fácil. Envolve vários conceitos e princípios complexos. O autor, neste livro, tentou simplificar e encapsular as leis relativas aos merca More


Guida completa al diritto internazionale dei valori mobiliari

Ankit , Singh
9786205140437 | Italian | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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Comprendere le leggi sui titoli e sugli investimenti non è un compito facile. Comprende vari concetti e principi complessi. L'autore, in questo libro, ha cercato di semplificare e racchiudere le leggi More


Un guide complet du droit international des valeurs mobilières

Ankit , Singh
9786205140390 | French | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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Comprendre les lois sur les valeurs mobilières et les investissements n'est pas une tâche facile. Elle implique divers concepts et principes complexes. L'auteur, dans ce livre, a tenté de simplifier e More


Ischerpywaüschee rukowodstwo po mezhdunarodnomu prawu cennyh bumag

Ankit , Singh
9786205140567 | Russian | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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Ponimanie zakonow o cennyh bumagah i inwesticiqh - neprostaq zadacha. Ono wklüchaet w sebq razlichnye slozhnye koncepcii i principy. V ätoj knige awtor popytalsq uprostit' i obobschit' zakony, kasaüsc More


Guía exhaustiva del derecho internacional de los valores

Ankit , Singh
9786205140383 | Spanish | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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Entender la legislación sobre valores e inversiones no es una tarea fácil. Implica varios conceptos y principios complejos. El autor, en este libro, ha intentado simplificar y resumir las leyes relati More


Ein umfassender Leitfaden zum internationalen Wertpapierrecht

Ankit , Singh
9786205140376 | German | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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Das Verständnis der Wertpapier- und Investitionsgesetze ist keine leichte Aufgabe. Es beinhaltet verschiedene komplexe Konzepte und Prinzipien. Der Autor hat in diesem Buch versucht, die Gesetze in Be More


A Comprehensive Guide to International Securities Law

Ankit , Singh
9786138838586 | English | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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Understanding Securities and Investment Laws is not an easy task. It involves various complex concepts and principles. The author, in this book, has attempted to simplify and encapsulate the laws rela More


Standard-Setting Organisations¿ IPR Policies

Manveen , Singh
9789811926228 | English | Hardback / bound | 2022
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This book offers a unique insight into the world of standard-setting organizations (SSOs)¿ IPR policies and the role they play in balancing the interests of innovators and implementers, vis-à-vis the More


Patent Law, Green Technology And Innovation

Ankit Singh & Yogendra Srivastava
9781032333908 | English | Hardback / bound | 2022
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In the era of modern industrial regimes, the role of technology in tackling climate change is pivotal. International goals of climate change mitigation and sustainable development cannot be achieved w More


Comparative Legal Aid Systems And India

Jeet Singh (national Law University Mann
9780367703387 | English | Hardback / bound | 2022
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This book provides an in-depth analysis of the functioning and challenges of the legal aid system in India. More


Debt Restructuring

Rodrigo (professor Of Banking And Finance Law Olivares-caminal, Alan (partner Kornberg, Sarah (professor Of Law Paterson, Dalvinder (professor Singh & Eric (partner Mclaughlin
9780192848109 | English | Hardback / bound | 2022
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This third edition provides legal analysis of international corporate, banking, and sovereign debt restructuring, from the perspective of creditors and debtors, providing practical guidance to help pr More


Banking Services And Customer Satisfaction

Surabhi Singh
9780923725983 | English | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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Water Allocation Law In New Zealand

Jagdeepkaur Singh-ladhar
9780367518677 | English | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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This book analyses water allocation law and policy in New Zealand and offers a comparative analysis with Australia. It will be of great interest to students and scholars researching water law and poli More


Environmental Law And Governance In The Pacific

9780367502898 | English | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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This volume examines environmental law and governance in the Pacific, focussing on the emerging challenges this region faces. Fourteen Pacific Island countries, and a broad range of themes, such as de More


Fundamentals of Patents and Patenting

Vivekananda , Mandal & Kavi Bhushan Singh , Chouhan
9789391910174 | English | Hardback / bound | 2021
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This particular book shall serve as comprehensive tutelage covering everything from the cradle to the grave regarding patents and patenting, emphasising Indian patent filing procedures and document ha More


Plataformas Over-the-Top y violación de los derechos de autor

Aditya , Awasthi & Ankit , Singh
9786203948387 | Spanish | Paperback / Sewn | 2021
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Este libro arroja luz sobre los desafíos cada vez mayores de la violación de los derechos de autor en las plataformas de medios digitales. Analiza las leyes de todo el mundo e intenta explorar las dim More


Einfluss der Zwiebelgröße verschiedener Sorten und des Abstands auf Zwiebel

Munendra , Singh
9786204375120 | German | Paperback / Sewn | 2022
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Auf dem Höhepunkt der vorliegenden Studie zeigten die oben hervorgehobenen Ergebnisse, dass sich die Sorte Hisar-2 in Bezug auf Wachstum, Ertrag, Qualität, Nährstoffaufnahme und Nettoeinkommen besser More


Concepts For International Law

9781800373815 | English | Paperback / Sewn | 2020
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Managing Risk In The Financial System

9780857933812 | English | Hardback / bound | 2011
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Managing Risk in the Financial System makes important and timely contributions to our knowledge and understanding of banking law. More