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The Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) is a global, not-for profit association of banks, solution providers, consultancy companies, integrators and academic partners with the shared aim of defining a semantic standard for the banking industry covering almost all the well-known architectural layers. The BIAN was formed in 2008 by a group of banks and solution providers with the shared aim of defining a semantic Service Operation standard for the financial services industry. At a later stage other standards bodies, like ISO and IFX, joined along with some academic partners. BIAN's expectation is that a standard definition of business functions and service interactions that describe the general construct of any bank will be of significant benefit to the industry. When compared to an increasing number of proprietary designs, a dedicated industry standard, like BIAN, provides the following main benefits: * It enables the more efficient and effective development and integration of software solutions for and between banks; * It significantly lowers the overall integration costs; * It improves the operational efficiency within and between banks and provides the opportunity for greater solution and capability re-use within and among banks; * It supports the current need for more industry integration and collaboration through the usage of (open) APIs; * It supports the adoption of more flexible business service sourcing models and enhances the evolution and adoption of shared third party business services; * It supports FinTechs and RegTechs to gain an easy insight in the complex financial services industry structure. This book is intended for those enterprise, business and solution architects in the financial services industry (FSI) who are interested in applying the BIAN Industry Standard in their organization. It will provide readers with in-depth knowledge to help them understand the full construct of BIAN artifacts, how to apply them and how they can contribute to help the BIAN standard fulfill their (organization's) needs. The authors of the book expect the readers to have an in-depth knowledge of IT architectural principles and methodologies.


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    Van Haren Publishing
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    Oct 2018
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  • Theme
    Systems analysis and design
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  • E-boek
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    Adobe DRM

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